Apple Watch Series 2 battery is a full third larger than original model, teardown shows

The Apple Watch Series 2 might be similar on the outside to its predecessor, but it’s very different under the hood, with a bigger cell, among others.

RIP headphone jack, hello Mario on iPhone 7; LG V20, too | Pocketnow Weekly 217

The episode where we chat about that Apple announcement: iPhone 7, Apple Watch 2, and Air Pods. And what about the new LG V20? Pocketnow Weekly 217!

Apple Watch Series 2 announced with water-resistance, GPS

The second series of Apple Watch has been announced. It runs watchOS…

Watch Apple’s iPhone 7 (and Apple Watch 2) launch event here

Today’s the big day, and whether you’re using an iPhone, Mac, Windows PC or Android, you should be able to watch a live stream of the iPhone 7 launch event.

Purported Apple Watch 2 parts suggest battery could be amped up without overall bulk increase

The Apple Watch 2 might be getting a thicker battery and thinner screen than its predecessor, helping offset its GPS chip’s power thirst.

What to expect for the iPhone 7 event: the Apple Watch 2 and more(?)

Another product to expect other than the iPhone 7? The iPhone 7 Plus. Oh yes, and the Apple Watch 2. Here’s what we think we know about all of that.

September 7 will apparently see ‘selection of Beats by Dre’ products unveiled with iPhone 7

In addition to the iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 we’ve suspected for a while were coming on September 7, it seems new Beats headphones are also in the cards.

Russian regulatory docs see iOS 10, watchOS 2 hardware, AirPods

Sure, any regulator can check out the iPhone 7 (or 6SE) and the Apple Watch 2, but some wireless EarPods? From Apple? This headphone jack thing is serious.

Apple schedules September 7 event, iPhone 7 top of mind

Time to book your tickets and hop in line at the nearest Apple Store. The next iPhones will likely be introduced to us on September 7, 2016.

Apple Watch 2 cellular antennas perhaps just wishful thinking

Even though 3G and LTE on a smartwatch would ease up plenty in your mobile life, Apple won’t take a chance on it supposedly until it uses less power.

Apple Watch 2 likely coming with GPS in tow this year, iterative upgrade also expected

An Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch S of sorts are expected out by the end of the year, with GPS support, a larger battery and a faster processor onboard.

Second-gen Apple Watch still due out this year, likely alongside iPhone 7 in September

Despite ominous recent silence on the second-generation Apple Watch rumor front, the new iOS-supporting wearable piece should still see daylight this fall.

Smartwatch market shrinks, Apple is the main victim

Apple still tops IDC’s list of top smartwatch shippers, but its fall from its debut peak has us questioning when an Apple Watch 2 can come by.

Apple Watch 2 expected out ‘late’ this year, 2 million monthly shipments targeted

A WWDC launch of a vastly upgraded Apple Watch 2 always seemed unlikely, so let’s be thankful the wearable is still reportedly due out by the end of 2016.

[LIVE] Watch the Apple WWDC 2016 livestream

Apple is about to talk major software updates at its keynote of WWDC 2016. There are a couple of ways to watch it live and we’ll have full coverage.

Apple WWDC 2016 preview: what to expect (and not to expect)

As always, Apple is fairly hard to read ahead of the WWDC developer event debut. But we can still make a few safe bets about what’s most likely coming.

WWDC keynote has a start time and we don’t have a clue what iOS will be called

What will be revealed at the event? The chips are on Apple Music getting re-done, a more open Siri and a lot of new software. A lot.

Former CEO John Sculley believes the Apple Watch is beautiful, but lacks utility

After Steve Wozniak, John Sculley isn’t afraid to voice his reservations about the Apple Watch, which falls short of utility excellence at the moment.

Next Apple Watch could go independent with its own cellular radio

With a faster processor, will a cell-connected Apple Watch soon debut for the smartwatch’s first major upgrade?

KGI also bearish on the Apple Watch in 2016

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is forecasting that Apple Watch sales will underperform compared to the 8 months it was available in 2015.

Apple Watch rumors clash over timetable for big design changes: not until next year?

Will Apple wait to introduce a new Apple Watch design until next year, and this year give us a more spec-focused refresh?

Many Americans believe the Apple Watch is a ‘success’ , 62 percent of owners plan to upgrade

Even though nobody knows anything for sure about the Apple Watch 2, the vast majority of the original’s owners say they’re excited to upgrade.

Second-gen, substantially thinner Apple Watch rumored for WWDC debut

A second-gen, thinner Apple Watch is being anticipated for a possible June WWDC debut.

iPhone SE event now expected later than first thought

This year’s much-rumored spring event for Apple may include a new four-inch iPhone, a smaller iPad Pro and an Apple Watch 2. But it may need an extra week.

Apple Watch models discounted by $100 across the board at Best Buy and B&H

In anticipation of the Apple Watch 2 or S, the original iOS-compatible timepiece is available for $100 off list prices at Best Buy and B&H.