Apple Pay Cash applet can be deleted, but it can’t be re-downloaded

The iMessage app can be deleted, but, for some reason, can’t be re-downloaded anyhow unless the user factory resets the device.

Apple Pay Cash service now activated for most users

iOS 11.2 is now live and so is Apple Pay Cash, Apple’s answer to PayPal within its Siri, iMessage and Apple Pay ecosystems.

iOS 11.2 rushed out to fix December 2 bug

The update came out days early to fix a trigger for iPhone and iPad crashes that would have come on December 2. It’s still unknown how this bug exists.

Apple Pay Cash now active in iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2 betas

Peers can send money to each other through iMessage and use whatever money they put into the system with Apple Pay merchants.

iOS 11 is heading out today to eligible iPhones and iPads, but Apple Pay Cash needs more time

Owners of a large number of “old” iPhones, iPads and even the latest iPod Touch generation can officially update today to the first public iOS 11 build.

Digging into Apple Pay Cash, iMessage’s new P2P payments system

If you’ve been paying attention to the developments coming out of the firmware of the HomePod, the iPhone 8 has pretty much been spoiled for you.