CVS finally accepting mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay
Yes, even contactless cards are being accepted at the registers these days. What took the United States’s largest drugstore chain so long to adapt?
Samsung Pay is available in 21 markets after launching in Italy with robust local bank support
Samsung Pay is narrowly ahead of Apple Pay in terms of the number of global markets supported, even if the latter has made a much earlier debut in Italy.
LG Pay is likely launching as LG Wallet alongside the G7 in the US soon
The Korea-only LG Pay digital wallet platform has its sights set on the US market, according to reports, where it might be renamed as LG Wallet during H1 2018.
iOS 11.2 rushed out to fix December 2 bug
The update came out days early to fix a trigger for iPhone and iPad crashes that would have come on December 2. It’s still unknown how this bug exists.
New York to finally move on from MetroCard to Apple Pay and other NFC formats
The MTA will work to convert every turnstile and bus over to a new NFC-based admissions system, saving people time at vending machines and at turnstiles.
iOS 11 is heading out today to eligible iPhones and iPads, but Apple Pay Cash needs more time
Owners of a large number of “old” iPhones, iPads and even the latest iPod Touch generation can officially update today to the first public iOS 11 build.
Digging into Apple Pay Cash, iMessage’s new P2P payments system
If you’ve been paying attention to the developments coming out of the firmware of the HomePod, the iPhone 8 has pretty much been spoiled for you.
Fresh batch of iPhone 8 revelations includes resizable home button, Pearl ID features and more
A bunch of new info on the upcoming iPhone 8 has been discovered by taking an even closer look at HomePod firmware, including more Pearl ID details.
iPhone 8 facial recognition, “Pearl ID,” may authenticate Apple Pay purchases
Within the repositories for the HomePod comes these mentions of “pearl” when it comes to authenticating contactless payments on the iPhone 8.
Apple Pay expansion is far from over, UAE, Denmark, Finland and Sweden to get it by year’s end
Official Apple Pay support will continue to spread to new territories around the world by the end of 2017, including in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
Apple Pay bank support better by 40 in China, UK, US
In the US, Apple Pay now has the support of over 1,900 financial institutions and retail loyalty programs. A new bank in the UK and China join in.
Months turn into weeks, as Android Pay also launches in Taiwan
Android Pay is already officially available in three of the five markets Google touted at I/O just a couple of weeks back.
Google confirms Android Pay rollouts in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan over the ‘coming months’
From 10 to 15 countries around the world, Android Pay looks set for a pretty robust expansion effort over the next few months.
Apple Pay is the first major digital wallet service available in Italy starting today
Following Ireland and Taiwan earlier this year, as well as more than a dozen countries previously, Apple Pay has now officially expanded to Italy.
Samsung Pay launches in India, Apple Pay in Ireland, and Android Pay in Belgium
Today’s another big day for the digital wallet market, as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay expand to Belgium, Ireland and India respectively.
Target wants Apple Pay on payment terminals
The big box retailer already accepts Apple Pay for online purchases, but it lacks the proper NFC terminals required at its 1,800 or so stores.
Samsung Pay launching widely in Thailand, Apple Pay beats PayPal in US retailer support
Both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay continue to grow at a remarkable pace, stateside, across Asia and many other regions.
Samsung Pay is officially delayed in the UK once again, until sometime next year
Samsung Pay may have impressively expanded across a dozen countries since its 2015 debut, but on British shores, it’s again pushed back until 2017.
A day in the life of mobile payments instead of the wallet
We live in a wonderful – or frightening – world, depending on…
Apple Pay expands to 31 new Australian banks, Android Pay matches that count stateside
More US banks are supporting Android Pay now than you can count, as well as a rapidly growing roster of Australian Apple Pay partners.
Apple Pay officially reaches New Zealand with support limited to ANZ Visa cards
ANZ is the first and only bank in New Zealand to support Apple Pay for Visa credit and debit cardholders.
Apple Pay is en route to Japan, New Zealand and Russia this fall
Before long, Apple Pay will work in a full dozen countries around the world, adding Japan, New Zealand and Russia to an already impressive support roster.
Hong Kong gets Apple Pay
Hong Kong’s tap-and-pay ecosystem started in 1997 with the Octopus Card and has only recently began to include smartphones. Will Apple Pay make way in HK?
Mac OS X becomes macOS Sierra
When you talk about “OS X,” Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig…