Use the Apple Card to buy the Huawei P30? | #PNWeekly 351

Apple announced a ton of services in Hollywood fashion while Huawei waited for the next day to announce a bevy of new products. Joshua Vergara is joined by Thunder E of Booredatwork to talk all of this week’s news, and they go over time to bring Jaime Rivera on for the YouTube edition!

Apple News+ officially announced with over 300 Publications

Apple today announced its premium, subscription-based Apple News+ service, which allows you to browse more than 300 publications.

Watch the Apple Show Time event live here

We expect plenty of exciting things from the Apple Show Time event today. If you want to follow it live, here’s how you can access the stream.

Apple signs Vox for its upcoming news subscription service

Apple has reportedly signed Vox as one of its upcoming content providers for the soon-to-be-announced Apple News Service.

Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345

We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!

Major publishers balk at Apple’s proposed split revenue share on news subscriptions

How small can Apple cut the pie for potential news-publishing partners for its upcoming single-stream subscription service?

Sources say next Apple event on March 25 won’t have AirPods 2, iPad mini 5

Instead of seeing the AirPods 2, AirPower charging mat and iPad mini 5, we might see subscriptions, subscriptions and subscriptions.

Apple News repeatedly pushes CNN and Fox News notifications

“Fake news” can get really, really repetitive in this endless news cycle we’re all seemingly in. But Apple’s News app for iOS is really taking it to new levels.