Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay creates a playlist of the songs you’ve listened to most

Apple Music Replay is a fun way, just introduced by Apple, for you to look back at your listening history. Check out your top artists and songs.

Android user listening to Apple Music? Now you have Chromecast support

No, it wasn’t an April Fools’ Day joke, even if it broke on April 1, when we first heard about Apple’s possible Chromecast support plans for Apple Music.

Apple Music available on the web, on any browser, on any device

Apple is switching gears as it tightens up competition against Spotify, by launching a web-based version of its Apple Music streaming service.

Apple Music now has 60 million subscribers

In a recent interview, Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue disclosed that Apple Music has surpassed 60 million subscribers.

Apple says it collects a 15% fee from 0.68% of Spotify users

Apple has now complied and told European antitrust regulators that it collects a 15% fee from about 680,000 of 100 million Spotify premium customers.

You can now control Apple Music on Sonos speakers using Alexa

It looks like you are now able to instruct Alexa to control your Apple Music tunes on your Sonos speaker, as suggested by recent reports.

After Spotify’s intimation, Apple and Google both are facing Dutch antitrust probe

The Apple antitrust probe that’s in motion in the Netherlands comes after Spotify’s intimation with the EU, and is related to the App Store.

Apple Music beats Spotify in the United States

According to a recent report, Apple Music managed to surpass Spotify in the United States when it comes to paid subscribers.

Apple Music could soon offer Chromecast compatibility

A recent analysis of the latest Apple Music app in the Google Play Store uncovered some software strings which could indicate future Chromecast support.

Apple vs Spotify: more than just a battle of declarations

The Apple vs Spotify saga goes way beyong declarations and complaints. The two companies are direct competitors in the music streaming business.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.
Apple Music Google Home

Apple Music on Google Home devices might be coming soon

Apple could be working on Apple Music integration with Google Home devices, if a recent report suggesting this is accurate.

Apple Music being promoted in iOS push notifications — against App Store guidelines

Just because Apple makes the iPhone you use doesn’t mean you should be left with push notifications bothering you to subscribe to Apple Music.

Apple tries to grow Apple Music market share by offering second trial

You can get a second 3-month Apple Music trial for free if you receive a push notification on your phone like the ones we see here.

Research house estimates Spotify added 2 million subscribers last quarter

The Swedish music streaming platform is perceived to be facing growth challenges, but patterns seen by one market research firm say otherwise.

Verizon could give you free Apple Music in some Unlimited plans

You could soon receive free Apple Music in your iOS or Android device if you are a client of Verizon’s Unlimited data plans

Beta version of Apple Music expands to Android tablets

Those who have signed up for the beta program for the Apple Music Android app can now use it on their tablets all prim and properly.

Amazon Echo speakers will get Apple Music next month

Apple Music services will soon be available in all Amazon Echo smart speakers with Alexa so you can listen to your favorite songs

The Apple Watch gets the Spotify app with limited features

There’s a new app for all Apple Watch users, the first version of Spotify music streaming app is available now for download in the App Store

Spotify prepares app for Apple Watch and there’s no offline support

The beta stack has been updated to show that Spotify is indeed working on a watchOS app, but it’ll have to navigate a few challenges.

Apple keeps Shazam accessible for all, takes off ads

As it announced the closing of the acquisition, Apple also told users it would no longer run ads in the music-identifying app.

Good music and good times with Beats at Verizon

Find out how you can find a variety of discounted Beats headphones on Verizon if you are into Apple devices or Apple services

Apple-Shazam deal to get unconditional EU antitrust approval

The Apple-Shazam acquisition, confirmed in December of 2017, might come to a close within a month as EU antitrust regulators reportedly nod.

Here’s how to get free Apple Music for 6 months from Verizon

You can now get six months of free Apple Music if you are a Verizon Unlimited customer and here are the steps to get your offer

Apple and Verizon will give you 6 free months of Apple Music

Great times and great music for free thanks to Apple Music and Verizon and the Verizon Unlimited service for their customers