Apple hires Tesla VP for electric powertrains

After Doug Field, Apple has hired another high-ranking Tesla executive. He was in charge of electric powertrains. What does this mean?

Apple confirms laying off 190 Project Titan self-driving car employees

190 employees involved in Apple’s Project Titan self-driving project will be laid off, and Apple confirmed the move, according to a recent report.
Apple Van

Apple Car to become Apple Van? Is Apple going to build its own Van?

A recent report claims that Apple’s Project Titan is no longer about building an Apple Car, but it could very well be about building an Apple Van.
Apple Car

Apple lays off 200 employees working on self-driving car project

It looks like Apple just confirmed laying off 200 employees that were working on its own self-driving project dubbed Project Titan.
Apple Car

You could be driving an Apple Car sooner than you think

A recent report, based off of analyst predictions, claims that the Apple Car will be shipping to customers sooner than expected by some.

Running out of options, Apple turns to VW for autonomous employee shuttle

Apple has been floundering with its smart car technology to deliver on an intercampus shuttle. And it has reportedly failed to notch a vehicle partner it really wanted.

Apple getting into battery materials supply chain directly, likely for cars

With the amount of cobalt Apple reportedly wants, this could be a sign that the Apple Car project still under wraps is gaining steam.

Apple car plans vaguely confirmed by Tim Cook at last, ‘very important core technology’ in the works

Tim Cook finally wants the world to know some sort of Apple car project is in development, though he’s not saying anything about products.

Apple Neural Engine will put AI to facial, speech recognition

Apple is reportedly going to debut a dedicated processor to artificial intelligence at WWDC 2017. Apple’s in good company, then.

Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster moves on, but not without final five-year plan for Apple

Munster is leaving the firm after over a dozen years of protracting Apple’s performance. It’s fitting that as he seeks change, Apple should seek it too.

Oppenheimer: Apple too “reliant” on iPhone, unprepared for next decade

In an investment note, Oppenheimer believes that Apple will suffer through a “malaise” over the next decade if it doesn’t find courage in new sectors.

BlackBerry for the record: Apple Car in Canada hasn’t sunk QNX

Word that Apple is working on its autonomous car project in BlackBerry territory, Canada, is seen as bad news. BlackBerry argues to the contrary.

Apple car project back to square one with software development

Sources say that the company is refocusing on developing autonomous car software to sell to other automakers. A car may be in the far offing yet.

Apple’s R&D expenses will rise to massive $10 billion this year, suggesting key ‘pivot’

With no less than $10 billion set aside for product research and development this year alone, Apple intends to soon turn into a whole new company.

What can auto makers do to better incorporate mobile technology?

A couple of years ago, Google and Apple both unveiled their latest…

What will the Apple car cost, and when can you get behind the wheel?

We could be looking at an Apple car release in 2021, with the vehicle selling for a pricy $75,000.

Tim Cook response to shareholder Apple Car question hints at surprises, long wait

What do the new Tim Cook Apple Car comments tell us about the company’s possible timetable for launch?

Did work on the Apple Car drive neighbors to file a noise complaint?

One Sunnyvale, California, resident was kept up past 11pm listening to loud “motor noises” across from an Apple-associated office.

Porsche puts the iPhone in its pocket, self-driving tech in the trash

CEO Oliver Blume said that the company will not produce a self-driving car. “An iPhone belongs in your pocket.”

Apple could have its electric car ready to go before 2020

Rumors about an Apple electric car pick up new steam as a fresh report identifies an internal 2019 target for the vehicle’s ship date.

Apple and A123 Systems reportedly reaching a settlement over talent poaching

Learn more about Apple’s probable settlement with A123 systems, as the rumored Apple Car has gotten Cupertino in a lot of hiring trouble

Apple has been working on an electric car for over a year, it seems

Learn more about the recent rumors that claim that Apple has been working on an electric vehicle for some time now. We should see more leaks soon.

Mystery Apple van project hot enough to attract lots of Tesla engineers

Learn more about some extra details pertaining the mysterious Apple van that we saw in a couple of leaks a few days ago, as plans seem to be big.