Epic vs Apple- Judge rules Apple must allow App Store developers to link to third party payment options
Epic vs Apple: Judge rules Apple must allow App Store developers to link to third party payment options
According to the ruling, Apple’s practices are anti-competitive, and the company must allow App Store developers to redirect to third-party payment options. 
South Korea is the first country to declare war on Google and Apple commissions
Google and Apple are in trouble in South Korea as the Korean…
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Apple to allow developers to get payments outside of their apps and the App Store, avoiding Apple’s commission
Apple will let finally developers use alternate methods of payments, well… sort of.
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Apple is all in on CSAM but report suggests the App Store is not a child safe place
A new report claims that the Apple App Store platform allows children to access adult-only applications and existing CSAM policies are not effective.
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What’s up with Apple promoting scam apps on the App Store?
A scam app was featured in App Store’s Story section… again.
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Apple explains why sideloading and third-party app stores are bad
Apple has shared a new document today that describes what significant role…
Apple is investigated for anti-competitive behaviour in Germany
The Federal Cartel Office has announced that it will investigate Apple for claims of anti-competitive behaviour, related to the App Store and other products and services.
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US House Committee asks Apple to improve credibility of App Store privacy labels
The House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce argues that wrong information makes the app privacy labels harmful to users.
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Facebook will urge users to allow activity tracking as stricter Apple policies go into effect
Facebook will start showing a prompt to some users, urging them to enable activity tracking in order to provide them a better ad experience.
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App Store nutrition labels aren’t always honest about data collection and tracking: Report
An independent test has revealed some app nutrition labels on App Store were inaccurate, and Apple doesn’t verify them all before going live.
Google isn’t deliberately delaying updates to avoid showing app privacy labels on iOS
Google intends to roll out app privacy labels for its entire family of iOS applications on the App Store either this week, or the next one.
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Apple pulls another batch of 39,000 games from the App Store in China
Apple removed a total of 46,000 apps in one go, and some of them were from big-name studios and developers such as Ubisoft.
Apple removes app that promoted secret parties in the middle of a pandemic
TikTok removed a promotional Vybe Together video that showed people without masks partying indoors and had around 11,000 views.
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Global app spending across Android and iOS exceeded $406 million on Christmas
2020 has been a record-setting year for worldwide spending on mobile apps and games, which passed $100 billion in a single year: Sensor Tower
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Apple opens enrolment for developers seeking a 50% reduction in App Store fee
Apple is reducing its App Store commission from 30% to 15% for developers who made less than a million dollars from their apps in a year.
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Apple to raise price of apps and in-app purchases in India, Brazil, and more countries
In India, the readjustment includes an equalization levy of 2% in addition to the existing goods and services tax of 18%.In India,
iPhones and iPads can now stream games from an Xbox One via Microsoft’s new app
Unlike xCloud service, you will need an Xbox One console from which games are streamed on your connected iPhone or iPad,.
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Apple grants Facebook’s paid online events temporary exemption from its App Store fee
Apple won’t charge its standard fee for a period of three months, but paid online events hosted by game creators won’t get a reprieve.
Apple permits game streaming services like Stadia and xCloud on iOS, but doubts remain
But will Microsoft, Google and other names in the game streaming business accept the compromises Apple wants them to make?
Epic Games asks court to force Apple put Fortnite back on the App Store
Apple is a monopolist and standing up to them is a necessary step to free consumers and developers from the unlawful restrictions Apple has imposed, says Epic Games.
Apple and Google would start getting less money from app sales in Russia
A new bill could cut down Apple and Google’s earnings from app purchases in Russia
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Epic could lose all access to Apple’s App Store and app development tools
Apple is now trying to remove Epic Games from its platform, as it has threatened to terminate the company’s access to app developer tools
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