Apple says it collects a 15% fee from 0.68% of Spotify users

Apple has now complied and told European antitrust regulators that it collects a 15% fee from about 680,000 of 100 million Spotify premium customers.
screen time

Apple accused again of anticompetitive behavior

Two developers are accusing Apple of anticompetitive behavior claiming the iPhone-maker removed their screen time and parental control apps.

Apple adds ‘Confirm Subscription’ dialogue to avoid accidental sign-ups

Apple Subscriptions you are signing up for using the App Store will lead to less accidental sign-ups thanks to an extra action you have to take.

Spotify complains to EU about Apple’s “app tax” and platform monopoly

The music streaming company wants Apple to lay off interfering in its customer service, marketing and the payment systems it chooses to use.

Apple Music being promoted in iOS push notifications — against App Store guidelines

Just because Apple makes the iPhone you use doesn’t mean you should be left with push notifications bothering you to subscribe to Apple Music.

Project Ara, Pixel 4 and neither the twain shall meet | #PNWeekly 345

We discuss the overhyping of patents, AT&T’s overhyping of its 5G network and content providers not buying Apple’s single-stream hype on the show!

U.S. iPhone users spend more and more on apps each year

A recent report unveils that the average U.S. iPhone owner is spending more and more money on apps. Check out the numbers!

iOS apps can record what you do in them and then unsafely send that data

Businesses secretly record what you do in their apps to improve them. More worryingly, that software isn’t perfect at hiding sensitive data.

The ghost of iPhones past, present and future | #PNWeekly 343

Also on our show, Sony’s 52-megapixel smartphone camera, LG’s dual-wielding at MWC 2019 and the tussle with Apple, Google and Facebook this week.

After Facebook’s shifty data collection, Apple disables its internal apps

iPhone-using employees at Facebook are left without important productivity apps while product testing on iOS has ground to a halt.

Facebook circumvented Apple to continue Onavo data collection project

“Project Atlas” has been caught out and Facebook is being punished by Apple for violation of its app distribution rules — not seemingly a privacy battle.

App Store and the “tax” may be Apple’s lurking shark

It’s not just Apple’s 30 percent cut from app publishers’ revenues that has one analyst worried: it’s the App Store’s sole existence on iOS.

Netflix officially cuts off iTunes billing, avoids Apple Tax

Many app publishers lament having to surrender nearly a third of their mobile revenues to Apple and Google. Netflix is no longer one of them.

Cydia Store shut down earlier than expected after payments bug

It’s an end of an era that came only slightly prematurely due to an issue that wouldn’t have affected many users in any case.

$85 on eBay for App Store and iTunes gift card worth $100

It’s only so often that Apple users on all platforms get good sales on gift cards. But hey, if you’re quick to get on this deal, you can ride the bull.

Portugal courts rule Google can’t remove Aptoide from users’ Android phones

The Play Protect security software on Android phones is said to have systematically targeted installations of third-party competitor Aptoide.

Netflix may do something about the Apple tax

Apple takes a 30 percent cut from in-app purchases from developers. This has ruffled app publishers’ feathers for way too long and they’re acting on it.

Supreme Court to decide if App Store class action against Apple should be tossed

In its latest round of actions, the SCOTUS has pushed into a review phase for whether allegations of Apple’s anticompetitive behavior should be cast aside.

Apple is banning iOS devs from collecting and selling data on your friends and contacts

To avoid ending up in Facebook’s scandalous position, Apple is looking to eliminate a shady widespread data collection tactic from the iOS App Store.

This Snapdragon is over 1000! | #PNWeekly 307

There’s probably a Snapdragon 1000 on the way and you might want to stick around and see where it will appear. Also, the Pixel 3 will be made by Google… for reals… sorta.

After Apple rejected Valve’s Steam Link iOS app, Phil Schiller cools heads

The Apple executive wants gamers to know that it’s still working with Valve to get Steam Link up and running on the App Store. But the story behind it all may be just money.

Apple v. Samsung ends, the HTC U12+ begins | #PNWeekly 306

Nearly seven years later, we may finally have reached the end of this argument between two bickering tech giants. That and a really big phone this week on our show!

Developers petitioning for Apple to allow free trials for all apps

Smaller app makers want to launch free trials for their products just like the big publishers who have subscriptions and are eligible for higher revenue shares.

Apple is finally starting to enforce strict App Store location sharing regulations

Apple wants to send a clear and simple message – there’s no room in its App Store for nefarious data collection and unauthorized location information sharing.

Existing iOS apps must support iPhone X notch by July

If your favorite app that you use on your iPhone X still hasn’t come to support the notch on your Super Retina Display, perhaps you have only weeks to wait before it does.