Microsoft removed 90,000 apps without age rating from Windows Mobile Store

Why? Because the apps’ developers didn’t get their games age-rated by taking a questionnaire. And that’s left a crater in the ecosystem.

PayPal app version 6.0 leaves Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Amazon Fire Phone

The Amazon Fire Phone and devices running Windows and BlackBerry OS won’t be getting the new PayPal app. In fact, some will lose it altogether.

Official Tumblr app leaves Windows Phone

If you just so happen to be a tumblr junkie and a Windows Phone fan, another first-party app departure doesn’t pose good news.

Snapchat “will do everything to kill” Microsoft devs like Rudy Huyn

Windows 10 Mobiel social media client developer Rudy Huyn revealed on Twitter that he’s been gagged by Snapchat lawyers on why he can’t run the 6Snap app.

Android apps effort for Windows 10 not going as planned

This year’s Build was centered around the Windows 10 experience. Yes, apps…