Zoom was experiencing issues, as Google Meet is getting more users
Conferencing app Zoom was having some issues this morning, and it may have helped Google Meet get more users as a safer and more reliable alternative
You can now enjoy Apple Music in your Samsung Smart TV
The Apple Music app is now available for download in your Samsung Smart TV, if it was launched in 2018 or later
Zoom will soon add a reporting tool to curb the ‘Zoombombing’ menace
Zoom will release a new update on April 26 that brings a reporting tool to deter ‘zoombombers’ from disrupting a video call.
Peloton will be available on Android TV to help you work out at home
You can start working out with one of the most popular fitness apps available right now with Peloton, that’s now also available in Android TV
WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section
Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet
Direct from Instagram puts focus on interpersonal pic sharing
Imagine a Snapchat stripped of curated content, just stuff from friends. Now imagine Instagram stuffing payment systems and bots and stickers…
Emonster sues Apple for violating Animoji trademark
The company made an app in 2014 that converted emoji into looped animations that could be sent over iMessage. With the iPhone X, there’s a threat.
Apple Watch app HeartRate logged abnormal rates, may have saved a life
28-year-old James Green is living well with his Apple Watch and an app that was able to detect an abnormal resting heart rate.
Less blue, more circles for Facebook app in new look
None of the colors will be changing per se, but some cruft will get sanded off and buttons will be made bigger for you to hit with accuracy.
HMD Global releases Camera app for its Nokia phones
But it’s not anything like the Lumia Camera app that Windows Phone fans have been favoring with good reason. It’s much a mundane rite.
Microsoft transfers Nokia intellectual property to HMD Global
You may see the Lumia Camera app appear on a future Nokia Android smartphone, though under a different name as Microsoft has retained trademark rights.
Develop Alexa Applications
Amazon finally integrating Alexa into its main shopping app for Android
Users will see it pop up on their Amazon app over the next week or so. iOS users also got this integration over the past few months.
SoundCloud insists it will survive without Spotify deal
The struggling music streaming platform cut more than 40 percent of its workforce loose earlier this month. Chance the Rapper may have a way out for it.
Siri loses ground to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana in a year’s time
Apple’s AI-powered assistant as well as Samsung’s have lost users from May of last year to this May. Google, Microsoft and Hound have made some gains.
HTC U11 gets Alexa link through Edge Sense app update
If you prefer to use Amazon’s assistant over Google Assistant, you’ll soon be able to get to it with a simple squeeze. But not exactly now.
T-Mobile Galaxy S8 units with June security patch can’t remap Bixby Button
It’s that magic June Android security patch that did those users in, but at least one Bixby remap app developers already has an update around this hurdle.
Google Allo
Google Duo reliability up, Google Allo desktop client in weeks
At least you can’t say Google doesn’t take care of Allo and Duo, but its users and observers are moping about being stuck in the mud.
WhatsApp supporting Android Gingerbread into 2020
As the older BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows platforms well and truly die off, Android Gingerbread is seen as a clinger for WhatsApp.
Refreshed design for Twitter on iOS resurrects Android side menu
And unlike what Google is even doing for its Android app in taking iOS elements to bear, Twitter is porting an Android design paradigm to its iOS app.
Nova Launcher integrates Google Feed through a workaround
The Google feed has been elusive for most launchers that aren’t from Google on Pixel and Nexus devices. Not for Nova now.
Huawei Fit now knows how to swim, will track your performance
The Huawei Wear app on your phone can now take in information from the fitness watch about how you swim from style to speed.
Paid App Store listings trick gullible into giving scammer devs $100 a week
In one app’s case, the Search Ads feature that’s available to iOS developers was able to get 200 users to pay $100 a week for a sham of an app.
iOS 11 to disintegrate Facebook and Twitter logins, debut Password AutoFill
If you use Facebook or Twitter credentials to log into other apps on an iPhone or iPad, get ready to log in more than you’re used to.
Microsoft OneNote redesigned and headed to iOS and Android
Even though this scribbling app has some custom-tailored features to suit each platform, it will be one design for OneNote and it starts with macOS.
All developers can now work on Android Instant Apps
Every Android app developer can partition their application experiences to have them load on the web as needed. It’s a big deal in India.