Zoom was experiencing issues, as Google Meet is getting more users
Conferencing app Zoom was having some issues this morning, and it may have helped Google Meet get more users as a safer and more reliable alternative
You can now enjoy Apple Music in your Samsung Smart TV
The Apple Music app is now available for download in your Samsung Smart TV, if it was launched in 2018 or later
Zoom will soon add a reporting tool to curb the ‘Zoombombing’ menace
Zoom will release a new update on April 26 that brings a reporting tool to deter ‘zoombombers’ from disrupting a video call.
Peloton will be available on Android TV to help you work out at home
You can start working out with one of the most popular fitness apps available right now with Peloton, that’s now also available in Android TV
WhatsApp will start including ads very soon in the ‘Status’ section
Whatsapp will remain free but it will start including apps in the status section in one of the most famous messaging apps around the planet
Direct from Instagram puts focus on interpersonal pic sharing
Imagine a Snapchat stripped of curated content, just stuff from friends. Now imagine Instagram stuffing payment systems and bots and stickers…
Less blue, more circles for Facebook app in new look
None of the colors will be changing per se, but some cruft will get sanded off and buttons will be made bigger for you to hit with accuracy.
HMD Global releases Camera app for its Nokia phones
But it’s not anything like the Lumia Camera app that Windows Phone fans have been favoring with good reason. It’s much a mundane rite.
Microsoft transfers Nokia intellectual property to HMD Global
You may see the Lumia Camera app appear on a future Nokia Android smartphone, though under a different name as Microsoft has retained trademark rights.
WhatsApp supporting Android Gingerbread into 2020
As the older BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows platforms well and truly die off, Android Gingerbread is seen as a clinger for WhatsApp.
Refreshed design for Twitter on iOS resurrects Android side menu
And unlike what Google is even doing for its Android app in taking iOS elements to bear, Twitter is porting an Android design paradigm to its iOS app.
Huawei Fit now knows how to swim, will track your performance
The Huawei Wear app on your phone can now take in information from the fitness watch about how you swim from style to speed.
Microsoft OneNote redesigned and headed to iOS and Android
Even though this scribbling app has some custom-tailored features to suit each platform, it will be one design for OneNote and it starts with macOS.
Android Device Manager turns into “Find My Device”
Android Device Manager helped you manage your Android device. But you mostly used it to find your device first and then freak out once it was truly missing.
HTC Edge Sense app on Play Store de-listed
The app’s preview screenshots seem to imply that you can squeeze your phone to take a picture, load up Google Assistant or dictate a text.
Google Messenger now called Android Messages
Where one name once was, a new name emerges: in this case with RCS getting added onto SMS and MMS capabilities, Messenger was no longer enough.
Google brings together Play Music, YouTube Music crews
The merging of the two units working on their respective products is expected to lead towards a unified app for Google’s streaming efforts.
End of life for Google Now Launcher, OEMs left with choice to make
The Google Now Launcher is done for, but will be maintained for those using it for the foreseeable future. What’s next for manufacturers?
Pokemon GO update finally allows you to replace that annoying theme music with your own
If you’ve been “dah-ing” and “nuh-ing” as part of your Pokemon GO withdrawals, you can come back into the game with fresh tunes and relief.
Nex + Ingress Band could be why Pokemon GO smartwatch apps are delayed
Niantic is rumored to be behind a wearable project that it has more of a stake in than just a free Apple Watch app. Is the company in a bind here?
Facebook Messenger Lite is just 10MB
Facebook is keeping it light for Messenger Lite to keep those with older, slower, tightly-packed Android smartphones connected to other users.
Remix OS Player is an Android virtual machine for Windows
And the virtual machine can do windowed Android apps, mind you. Best part of this is that the program is free to download and use.
Badoo drops Windows 10 Mobile app… under the bus
The app is still downloadable and you can install it. But Badoo did pull it from circulation for a bit and its response to inquiries was plain worrying.
LG V20 Camera Tour: the “peak” of performance (Video)
We bet your smartphone just cannot shoot video like the smartphone we have in our hands. Take a peek at how the all-new LG V20 handles moving images.
Hands-on with Duo, Google’s new video chat app (Video)
Will Duo successfully be the Hangouts that consumers have wanted or is FaceTime still going to be the way to go for most people?