Fingerprint unlock feature is now available in the latest Android Whatsapp beta
Whatsapp’s Fingerprint Lock feature is now available for Android users through an APK beta version you can try right now
You can install the Poco launcher on your Android device, but beware
You can have an idea of what it feels to have a Pocophone F1 by installing the Poco launcher in your smartphone, well if you are sure you want to
Google APK code could hint at Echo Show mimic, Google Home UI update
A smart speaker with a touchscreen from Google may run right up against Amazon’s Alexa-powered Echo Show. But what’s “Quartz?”
Latest Google Play Services APK should force Google Assistant onto your phone
If you’re hearing about other people in your area getting Google Assistant and you still don’t have it, you can rush it onto your phone.
There’s a RAT in Pokémon Go! And it’s not Rattata
Nope, not Rattata, though we are pretty much in weak territory right there. There is a jacked-up version of Pokémon Go! out there with a RAT in it.
How safe is sideloading APKs?
Most Android-powered devices provide the opportunity to simply “sideload” an APK directly to the device – no app store needed. But just how safe is sideloading?