I’ve spent two weeks with the foldable HUAWEI Mate Xs and I never want to go back
Being able to multitask folded, and take that multitasking to a different level once unfolded is key. That’s what I love about the HUAWEI Mate Xs.
HUAWEI P40 Pro review: Google isn’t really such a big deal
Is it worth buying? This seems to be the ongoing theme with HUAWEI flagship reviews as of late, and we’re trying to answer it in our P40 Pro review.
Huawei P30 Huawei P30 Pro
Google suspends business with Huawei, pulls Android license
Complying with the recent blacklist of Huawei, Google has pulled the Chinese company’s Android license. Read about the implications.
Google Pixel 4 could allow active data on both SIM slots according to AOSP
A new commit suggests that the Google Pixel 4 will at least let users call and text from both phone numbers and, at most, do way more with data connections.
Android Q won’t prohibit users from handling old apps
Android Pie notifies users when they’re using an app that was developed for Android Jelly Bean or an older version of the OS. But it won’t cut them off.
Is “elfin” the Pixel TV or something else entirely?
There’s Android code mentioning a new piece of hardware that is tangentially related to the Nexus Player. But it looks to be very early days.
Android P can ban background apps from recording audio
Some apps may be recording audio from your phone’s microphone while they are latent to tune their ad-serving. Android P may stop that behavior.
Now Playing feature from Pixel 2 has been ported to an AOSP ROM
That ROM is called CarbonROM and, unfortunately, the feature has only been enabled on the Pixel 2 XL. But for tinkerers that would’ve otherwise lost the feature, this is a good step.
Dev-ported Pixel Launcher makes every feature actually work
If you prefer the clean look of the Pixel Launcher but haven’t been able to get everything working properly, try this neat-o port.
Why is “Double tap to wake” not on the Sony Xperia XZ Premium?
It’s been on the Xperia Z2 and on most every device since then. Why drop it now, Sony? Maybe it’s unfinished software. But at this stage?
Sony’s “Soft Charging” feature is a great idea
It’s a feature that’s been introduced into a beta version of the latest Marshmallow AOSP. And it’ll help the battery not destroy itself quickly.
The Nokia N1: Before Play services
“We’re waiting on Google Play services to come for this device.” Sure,…
AOSP work points to coming 3.10 Linux kernel: what to expect
Find out what system improvements you can expect once we finally see the release of an Android Linux 3.10 kernel.