LG fined in Russia for smartphone price fixing

It was a nominal fine for the chaebol over allegations of price fixing through pressuring its resellers in the federation.

Qualcomm puts down FTC’s case to continue, amici filings

The Federal Trade Commission and many of Qualcomm’s customers want to take the chipmaker to task. Qualcomm’s response? ‘Defective’

FTC v. Qualcomm case scheduled for January 4, 2019

Qualcomm is accused of engaging its clients by coercing agreements that would make it difficult to do business with other chip providers.

Qualcomm sues Apple back in patent and anti-competitive mess

As Apple claims that Qualcomm has been strangling the brand behind iPhone, Qualcomm claims that Infinite Loop isn’t playing fair.

Apple v. Qualcomm: two new suits in China for $145 million

This time around, Samsung hasn’t infringed upon Apple’s patents, but Infinite Loop is still the plaintiff against chipmaker Qualcomm.

FCC policy on zero-rate streaming hardens towards AT&T and Verizon

The two carriers have their own content distribution platforms and have offered to zero-rate their wireless subscribers’ data charges for streaming.

Google is looking at record $3.3 billion EU antitrust fine, sources say

The conclusion of a long, drawn-out antitrust case could be finally nigh, as the European Union appears intent to fine Google a record €3 billion.