HP Elite x3 Anniversary Update fixes camera issues that held sales

Pre-orders were stopped by HP and Microsoft for a short while because of those camera issues, but this update’s more than about that.

Surface Pro 3 charging issues with LG Chem battery

Another battery issue for the Surface Pro 3, though this time, we are dealing with a different components supplier: LG Chem.

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update for carrier devices on the way

The Lumia 950 on AT&T has the update, though it doesn’t have any new features — it’s just a tweaking fix. But it still has that Anniversary prestige.

Microsoft rolls out the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update

A year or so has passed by since Windows 10 started seeping its way into computers and mobile phones, a big update’s headed for the latter.

What’ll be in the Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update roll-out?

It’s supposedly coming out for unlocked phones this week and carrier-specific variants next week. So, what kind of improvements will be inside of it?

Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update should start rolling out early next week

The long overdue first feature update for Windows 10 Mobile should arrive just one week after the desktop version, on August 9.

Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update will start to roll out August 2

Fret not, Windows 10 Mobile users, as August 2 is apparently the release date of the Anniversary Update for you as well as PC enthusiasts.