SIM-free iPhone XS

Deals you need if you want to fast charge your iPhone Xs

Amazon has some great one-day deals for all of you who want to get fast charging in your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or any other mobile device

Anker’s Eufy Genie with Alexa undercuts Echo Dot by $15

Is this Amazon’s Echo Dot? Nope, it’s more affordable and way louder, Anker claims. The Eufy Genie has yet to hit the Amazon marketplace, though.

Looking for a heads-up display to put on your dash? Anker Roav pre-orders up for $200 off

Anker usually is of the mobile accessories ilk, but this heads-up display for your heads-up display-less car might be worth looking at.
portable batteries

Need more juice? We look at 3 portable batteries

Many of today’s devices don’t feature a removable battery, so let’s look at three portable batteries that you can use with your smartphone or tablet today!