Pocketnow Daily: Apple’s ENTIRE 2020 Line-Up to go ALL OUT on Specs?!(video)

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Essential shuts down, teases what the Project GEM phone could have been

Essential launched just one Android phone in its lifetime, but its shutdown means the Project GEM phone will never be released.
iPhone 11 Pro price in India

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Andy Rubin teases ultra-tall phone. Is this the Essential Phone 2?

Andy Rubin teases what could possibly end up being the Essential Phone 2, with a dramatically different form factor. Check it out!

Essential Phone now out of stock at company’s website [U]

After 16 months on the market, Essential is running out of stock of its first product while third-party sellers are trying to get rid of theirs.

Essential picks up Indian email startup CloudMagic

It’s not exactly clear how the acquisition of a cloud email company will immediately benefit Essential, but there are longer-term strategies at play.

Rubin woes, Xiaomi grows, MAKERphone glows | #PNWeekly 329

How does sexual misconduct at Google reflect on Android? Also on ouir show, we discuss Xiaomi’s politics and talk with a DIY phone creator.

NYT: Google paid Andy Rubin $90 million to leave after misconduct review

The co-creator of Android is said to have been an unsavory character at Google, insulting employees and maintaining “ownership relationships.”

Bloomberg: Andy Rubin selling Essential, stopping second phone work

Rubin himself has not denied that the company was for sale or confirmed that the Essential Phone sequel was still alive, just that some projects were “canceled” for what will hopefully be “bigger hits.”

Amazon has a great new deal for the unlocked Essential Phone, Best Buy requires activation

Once upon a time priced at a whopping $699, the unlocked “Black Moon” Essential Phone currently fetches just $350 at Amazon. Best Buy matches the deal with Verizon activations.

Essential Camera app downloads hint at roughly 50,000 Essential Phone sales so far

In the absence of official figures, we can only rely on Play Store installations of the proprietary Essential Phone camera app for sales approximations.

Andy Rubin back at Essential, but he never left Playground Global

He is the CEO of both companies which share an office building. And, for several weeks, he stayed away from one office after worrying findings from Google.

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Essential Phone gains Portrait Mode with latest camera update, second-gen device confirmed

Universally criticized for mediocre camera performance, the first-gen Essential Phone continues to get better. And yes, there will be a second-gen handset.

Andy Rubin takes Essential leave of absence as ‘inappropriate relationship’ at Google transpires

Andy Rubin is taking a break from his Essential involvement after reports surfaced of an “inappropriate relationship” with a Google employee in the past.

Amazon bundles Essential Phone and 360 Camera at $399 for Cyber Monday only

Originally priced at $699 by itself, the divisive but attractive Essential Phone costs $399 with a 360 camera add-on bundled in for a very limited time.

Divisive Essential Phone goes $200 off list to $499 unlocked bargain price

Initially available for $699, the unlocked Essential Phone was discounted to $599 last week, and now $499 at both Essential.com and Best Buy.

The Essential Phone is interesting again thanks to a $100 unlocked Best Buy discount

Is it game over already for the Essential Phone stateside? Not so fast, as a solid Best Buy discount brings the device back into the limelight.

Pure White Essential Phone starts shipping at last from OEM, Amazon, Best Buy and Sprint

The oh so promising but not very successful “edge-to-edge” Essential Phone is available across the US in its second color option – Pure White.

Sprint has reportedly only sold around 5,000 Essential Phone units so far

Plagued by delays, faced with very strong competition and priced a little high, the Essential Phone is unlikely to ever hit a million unit sales.

Andy Rubin answers burning Essential Phone questions: updates, jacks, expansions and more

Reddit users bombarded Andy Rubin with questions about the Essential Phone, and the company’s CEO delivered good news on many fronts.

Essential Phone scores security update with ‘improved performance’ in time for Sprint retail launch

Smoother and faster than ever thanks to a software update focused on security and performance, the Essential Phone is now also available in Sprint stores.

Andy Rubin deeply apologizes for embarrassing Essential customer data blunder

What initially appeared to be a security breach for Essential Products turned into a humiliating customer data gaffe, which prompted Andy Rubin to eat crow.

“The world’s smallest laser” is one of the next accessories for the Essential Phone

Also, what will basically be an aux cord for the Essential Phone into your car stereo system — since, you know, it lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Standard software support windows for Essential Phone

The Essential Phone will get two years of OS updates and an extra year of security patches to boot, but there’s more to the message of Essential, here.