Microsoft’s “Centaurus” project aims to take on Lenovo’s Yoga Book format
While an Andromeda folding phone might seem like the perfect thing for Microsoft in 2019, it may trial a dual-screen notebook first.
Microsoft will revamp Andromeda entirely for 2019
Sources say that the project is still in incubation, but that it could have collided with the Surface brand and tanked it if it was executed imperfectly.
iPhone SE stop, Surface Go | #PNWeekly 313
On our podcast this week: Microsoft has a tiny Surface tablet that costs $800 if you want it like they show it. Also, long live the iPhone X?
Microsoft fans petition company to keep Andromeda alive
It’s been called the Surface Phone before this “Andromeda” codename became hip and cool, but whatever the case, fans want it as soon as possible.
Microsoft internal email describes Andromeda as “pocketable” Surface PC
It’s convertible, foldable and could come with a stylus. It could also be canceled at any moment. But Microsoft could “blur” the lines of computing again.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 1000 could go to 12W and battle low-end Intel Core U-series
Intel may have to watch its back if Qualcomm is able to land its ambitions next year on a big chipset for laptops and maybe even desktops.
‘Heavily redesigned’ Surface Pro 6, new HoloLens and more Microsoft products coming soon
Microsoft’s rumored 2018 and 2019 product roadmap includes everything from a mysterious Andromeda to a Surface Pro 6 and lower-cost HoloLens.
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“Andromeda” is a Windows 10 foldable tablet on ARM
One source claims that this device, which may be the closest thing we’ve had to a digital notebook in physical form, is targeted for 2018.
Windows 10 Mobile set for clean death as something called “Andromeda” is born
As its own, dedicated codefile, Windows 10 Mobile might not exist anymore. Instead, Windows 10 on a mobile phone might be the more correct term.
More Android O features in active chatter
A list of bullet points and plenty of speculation as to where the next version of Android will go. But will all of these features land in May?
The hot (and not so hot) news stories from Pocketnow in 2016
Microsoft and Google? Not so hot. Virtual reality and you? Very hot. The stories and narrative arcs of mobile technology in 2016.
Rumors say that Andromeda is alive, but at least a year away from primetime
Major hardware releases are said to be due out next fall, but there is at least one early arrival rumored for this year…
Watch the Made by Google event here for Pixel launches, and much more
The big day has arrived, and there’s literally nothing simpler than following the Made by Google live stream on YouTube or right here.
The Google Rumor Roundup: mobile that matters
From the Pixel phones to the Andromeda products to all things smartening up the Internet of Things and your Wi-Fi network, Google is getting on steroids.
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Huawei Nexus 7P could run Andromeda
A few things to take you back by the whiskers: yes, it’s still likely going to be a “Nexus,” but it will run on the merged Android/Chrome OS.
Convertible Google Pixel 3 laptop tipped for Q3 2017 launch with Andromeda OS
A non-Chromebook-branded Google Pixel 3 laptop, codenamed Bison, is reportedly on the horizon, running the Android-and-Chrome OS-merging Andromeda.
Android-Chrome merger may be previewed at Pixel event
The Chromening of Android? Or the Droidening of Chrome OS? We still…