Android was the most vulnerable OS in 2019, but things are improving
A total of 414 security vulnerabilities were reported for the Android operating system in 2019, higher than Debian Linux, Windows 10, and Ubuntu.
Over a billion Android devices at risk of malware infection globally
Every two in five Android devices are susceptible to attack by malicious parties because they no longer receive security updates from Google’s side.
More than 700,000 ‘bad’ apps were banned from Google Play last year, up 70 percent
Google Play Protect, machine learning techniques and an overall increased commitment to security made Android’s main app store a more trusted and safer place in 2017 than ever before.
Google Play changes aim to take Android app security and performance to the next level
Android app security and performance will be a big focus for Google over the next couple of years, as proven by recently announced Play Store policy revisions.
Nokia 5 beats Google’s Pixel and Nexus devices to the September security update punch
Once again, HMD Global shows all other Android device manufacturers how it’s done, rolling out September security patches to the Nokia 5 already.
Phase two of BlackBerry’s licensing plan will soon see OEMs use a BlackBerry Secure OS
BlackBerry Secure is the name of the Canadian company’s Android-based platform that “various” smartphone makers will use on their own products soon.
Auto-clicking Judy malware detected after years of Google Play-downloaded nefarious activity
Check Point security researchers believe up to a whopping 36.5 million Android devices may have been tainted by Judy adware roaming free in Google Play.
Motorola monthly security patches dropped for “efficient” bundles
The Moto Z and Moto G4 may be updated along the same track that the Moto X Pure Edition currently is: way less often than monthly.
Stagefright fixes in April Android security update
Fixes to a Stagefright exposure and a kernel privilege vulnerability are in this month’s security update, available for Nexus devices now.
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Google’s latest Nexus security updates include fixes for half a dozen critical vulnerabilities
Get the details on this month’s batch of Nexus security fixes, including patches for quite a few critical issues.
Samsung starts showing Android security patch level for some Lollipop phones
The Android security patch level information introduced with Marshmallow has been added to Samsung’s two latest flagship devices running 5.1 Lollipop.