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Adoptable Storage: Android Marshmallow’s hidden feature that your phone probably can’t use
Adoptable Storage is a feature in Android Marshmallow that replaces your internal storage with an sdcard. The question is, why would you want to do that?
OK Google Answering Machine
Google Now just got answering machine-like functionality – here’s how to use it
Keep your hands on the wheel! Thanks to the new Google Now Answering Machine feature, your Android can read your texts to you – and let you reply, too!
Bluetooth 4.1
The future of Bluetooth: what to expect and why you should care
Connected devices and the Internet of Things are the future of Bluetooth. Here’s how all that will apply to you.
Factory Reset Protection
What is Factory Reset Protection and why is Android Marshmallow forcing OEMs to include it in their devices
A new feature is starting to cause headaches for people buying used Android phones: Factory Reset Protection. What is it and what can you do about it?
Android Google Chrome Exploit
Android Google Chrome exploit: what to do about it
There’s an Android Google Chrome Exploit out there, here’s what you need to know about it.
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The next version of Qualcomm’s charging standard – Quick Charge 3.0 – has been announced. Here’s what you need to know about it.
cellular data usage
Five ways to keep your cellular data usage under control
There are lots of reasons why you’d want to minimize your cellular use. Here are 5 data-saving methods to help keep your cellular data usage to a minimum?
is android pay safe
Android Pay feels like a downgrade from Google Wallet
Google is upgrading Google Wallet and replacing its NFC payment abilities with a new system: Android Pay. Does it restrict too much in the name of security?
A closer look at the Snapdragon 6xx family
What are the difference between the SoCs in the Snapdragon 6xx family & should you get a 6xx instead of a Snapdragon 8xx in your next phone? Let’s find out!
focus app
Move over Google Photos, Focus lets you dive deeper
Google killed Gallery for its new cloud-backed Photos app and a lot of people hate it. To fill the gap respected developer Francisco Franco released Focus.
android malware
Malware on Android isn’t a problem, and it never was
According to the latest report, Android malware isn’t a problem – and it never has been either.
root Nexus 6
What is build.prop and my 5 favorite tweaks
Android’s build.prop file is a treasure trove of settings that may help your device run more to your liking. Here are my favorite build.prop tweaks.
root Nexus 6
Here’s why I rooted my Nexus 6
For an increasing number of us Power Users, “stock plus root” is the way to go. Here’s why I went with a Nexus 6 root, but kept the stock ROM.
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Seven things you still need root to do, and two things that don’t
Some things that used to require you to root your Android are built-in features now. Here are a few that still need root access, that probably shouldn’t.
Android System Battery Use
What are “Android OS” and “Android System” in my battery report?
Your battery is never going to give you as much runtime as you’d like, but your battery stats should show you your Android OS battery usage, shouldn’t it?
How safe is sideloading APKs?
Most Android-powered devices provide the opportunity to simply “sideload” an APK directly to the device – no app store needed. But just how safe is sideloading?
lg g watch root
How (and why) to root the LG G Watch
There are many reasons why you’d want to root your phone, but an LG G Watch root via a custom ROM? Yup. And it’s awesome!
Pocketnow Power User
What you need to know about smartphone screens, part 2 (video)
Today we’re diving into the types of displays under the glass, pros and cons of both types, and what you’ll want in your next smartphone screen.
Android root headaches
The next versions of Android will have even more Root headaches
Root lets us do some great things, it also allows malicious code to run unchecked. To counter, the next versions of Android will have more Root headaches.
Pocketnow Power User
Pocketnow Power User: Everything you need to know about the CPU (video)
The faster a CPU is, the quicker you can get things done, but fast is a relative term. To find out what it really means we need to learn all about the CPU.
Pocketnow Power User
Introducing the Pocketnow Power User (video)
If you’re interested in the hardware that powers your devices, you’re probably lost in sea of numbers. Let us help out. Introducing Pocketnow Power User.
Which tethering method is better: WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB cable?
When you need to access the Internet away from home you could connect through your smartphone. But which tethering methods are available and which is best?
Image based on (cc) James Blunt http://www.flickr.com/photos/66720528@N04/8475417457/in/photolist-dUWJkc-9gFqTf-8vikMY-8vikhQ-7CJ91s-7CtYNC-7Cqb4R-7CqaSe-7YAN45-7B9773-9mfRLr-7B3AF1-8vfjcZ-8vfiJ6-7QFqho-dCw4ib-crpm7N-8anF35-aBNqUY-aBKKeP-aBWEUH-92gqkF-92jx2d-92gz2R-g6ToN6-91UJVf-fcjDie-dXW9Lk-dyEaK4-fcjJbx-dY2Pa9-91StL9-fXh593-e2uyKz-bhUwnt-birRbK-bhUqTT-99UcH5-bhUuyX-bhUsJT-dqb2mY-dH1TbX-dH1RMe-7G9HRf-8wVWc5-e2Abv1-92jF8f-e2Abu7-e2Abyj-e2uxVg-e2uxTT
Dual-booting: the pros and cons
With more that a few OEMs toying with the idea of dual-booting, here’s what you need to know: what is it, & what are the pros and cons?
2012 Nexus 7
How to speed up your original Nexus 7, and others?
From factory resetting to enabling TRIM support, everyone wants to pull out every stop to speed up the Nexus 7. How about a custom kernel and F2Fs?
(cc) delgaudm, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mydailycommute/19354158/sizes/o/
Android is changing the way root works
When Chainfire checked a recent commit to the AOSP master tree, he found a significant amount of Android root changes — which will break most root apps.