Google Pay expands to Germany with four local banks on board

Google Pay is officially launching in Germany ahead of both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, with credit and debit cards supported by a quartet of banks.

Google Pay officially launches as Android Pay replacement, starting in the US and UK

Previewed early last month, the Google Pay Android app is now available as a free Play Store download in lieu of the old Android Pay digital wallet service.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 is a smaller, slightly cheaper luxury Android Wear watch

The latest Tag Heuer Connected version is designed to comfortably fit the “smallest wrists” while featuring a super-premium design and very nice overall specs.

Google brings Android Pay and Google Wallet together under Google Pay banner

Google Pay is the new name for a long overdue combination of the search giant’s multiple payment platforms, including Google Wallet and Android Pay.

Android Pay is available in Brazil and Czech Republic today, starting ‘soon’ in Slovakia as well

After recently debuting in Ukraine, Android Pay follows Samsung Pay in Brazil while beating both Samsung and Apple Pay to the punch in Czech Republic.

New York to finally move on from MetroCard to Apple Pay and other NFC formats

The MTA will work to convert every turnstile and bus over to a new NFC-based admissions system, saving people time at vending machines and at turnstiles.

Wells Fargo launches more than 5,000 ATMs with NFC support

Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay users or those with the Wells Fargo Wallet app can simply tap into an ATM, enter their PIN and withdraw.

Samsung Pay could support ‘high-end smartphones of other companies’ starting next year

Samsung Pay could deal Android Pay a heavy blow and also make it difficult for Apple Pay to lead the market with support for other OEMs’ phones.

Samsung Pay follows Android Pay, beats Apple Pay to the PayPal-supporting punch

If using your PayPal balance feels more convenient than tapping into your credit or debit card, Samsung Pay now supports the option, just like Android Pay.

WorldRemit links up with Android Pay for global money transfers

Moving money by wire is still a shunt job for most, but the turning tide of connected users have one more option to fund remittance transactions.

LG Pay is finally deployed to the G6 only in Korea as a feeble Samsung Pay rival

LG Pay is more than a little late to the digital wallet platform party, not to mention largely unremarkable and targeted at a tiny audience for starters.

Months turn into weeks, as Android Pay also launches in Taiwan

Android Pay is already officially available in three of the five markets Google touted at I/O just a couple of weeks back.

Tour de force begins for Android Pay in Canada

It’s a neck and neck race between Apple Pay and Android Pay as each try to load up their financial ecosystem. Banks are posing a challenge to both.

Canada Android Pay availability reportedly begins from May 31

After tickles and teases of Android Pay, Canada may just as well have the whole kit and kaboodle by the end of the month.

Android Pay link is rolling out with PayPal app update

The process to set up (if you’re allowed to set it up at this early stage of the roll-out) is easy. The reality of using PayPal with Android Pay may not be.

Android Pay works with Mastercard and Visa cards from no less than 15 banks in Russia already

Google is officially launching Android Pay in Russia after both Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, but at least the local banking support is robust.

Get ready to send money with Google Assistant soon, and pay for stuff easier online

Sending money from your Android phone or Google Home to people you know and trust will soon be as easy as saying “OK, Google.”

Google confirms Android Pay rollouts in Brazil, Canada, Russia, Spain and Taiwan over the ‘coming months’

From 10 to 15 countries around the world, Android Pay looks set for a pretty robust expansion effort over the next few months.

PayPal and Android Pay link rolling out over the next weeks

One of the world’s leading online payments processors has finally paired up with Google to bring tap-and-pay action to, say, Venmo parallel users.

Add cards to Android Pay directly from Bank of America, BNZ, USAA apps

Not only can you add Bank of America, BNZ, Discover, mBank and USAA cards to Android Pay, you don’t even need the Android Pay app for it.

Original Huawei Watch with Android Pay? [UPDATE]

Huawei Australia told a domestic outlet that the Android Wear 2.0 update would bring Android Pay to the original Huawei Watch. Huawei US? Not so.

Apple Pay officially launches in Taiwan with seven local banks in its corner

Taiwan is the latest country to warmly embrace Apple Pay across a number of bigger and smaller banks, as well as plenty of important retailers.

Nexus 6 security update for March pulled, redeployed

The update that rolled out earlier this week appeared to break an API that checked the status of the Nexus 6’s bootloader, a key factor for Android Pay use.

Samsung Pay is still coming to lower-end phones eventually, and a fingerprint reader may not be required

Dreaming of using Samsung Pay on a truly affordable Galaxy phone, even without a fingerprint sensor in tow? Just wait a little while longer.

Samsung Pay launches in India, Apple Pay in Ireland, and Android Pay in Belgium

Today’s another big day for the digital wallet market, as Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay expand to Belgium, Ireland and India respectively.