Many first-gen Google Pixel users have suddenly stopped receiving texts after updating to Oreo
There’s a nasty messaging bug running rampant on 2016 Google Pixel devices, and it may have something to do with Android 8.0 Oreo.
OnePlus 3 and 3T get Android Oreo open beta updates, OnePlus 5 will join them ‘soon’
If you can live with a lot of bugs for the sake of trying out Android 8.0 Oreo before everyone else, OnePlus 3 and 3T betas are now available.
HTC U11 Life reportedly also headed for Android One lineup, new render shows ‘normal’ variant
Google’s revived Android One family will further expand in the near future with the addition of the HTC U11 Life, rendered today in standard form.
The Android 8.0 Oreo name is official [UPDATE]
The name was revealed just after 2:45pm Eastern in New York with a statuette and a heroic animated introduction to the iteration’s mascot.
Nova Launcher dev chucks Android Oreo name out the window for Orelletes
Orelletes are crisp, fried flour-based pastries that are called as such in Catalonia. There are some good reasons why Google would choose this name.
It’s official: Android O will be ‘revealed’ via livestream from New York City on August 21
The dessert name, the super sweet “new powers” and the actual release date of Android O will all be officially revealed on Monday, August 21.
Last OS upgrade for OnePlus 3 will be Android O, OxygenOS updates will be slower
The OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 3T will get the Android 8.0 update, but also security updates for at least another couple years… we hope.
Sources say Android O release on August 21st
Android 8.0 has been hinted for launch on that date by at least two major voices in the mobile tech community. How will Google celebrate?
Boxy and compact Sony Xperia XZ1 leaked, has Android O
The XZ1 could just be another name for the Sony Xperia XZ Compact rumored for the fall. We see purported fresh, in-the-flesh pictures out of China.
Wouldn’t it be fitting for the Nokia 8 to launch with Android 8.0?
The first big flagship from brand licensee HMD Global may not launch with Android 7.1.1 as a new benchmark raises Android O possibilities.
Beta Four You: Android O and iOS 11 developer previews strike four
Android 8.0 Oobleck (or whatever it is) and the best version of iOS for iPads in the longest time are rounding the home stretch for developers.
Android O dessert not named in Reddit AMA, but here are some highlights!
By the way, some jokey joke suggestions included “Oak Tree Cookie” and “Oobleck.” But there’s plenty of pertinent stuff to go through.
LG V30 clocked on Geekbench with Android 7.1.2
The software version is the standout pin we’d like to focus on as the LG V20 last year was able to lay claim as the first OEM-made Android Nougat phone.
Carl Pei gives us OnePlus 6 clickbait for OnePlus 5 AMA on Reddit
Co-founder Carl Pei thought it would be funny to suggest article titles for stuff he’s addressing on a Reddit AMA thread for the OnePlus 5.
Android O Developer Preview 3 out with final APIs
Android app developers are being urged to work on their products and implement new APIs in time for Android O’s final launch in mere months.
Have mobile floating windows worn off?
Mobile floating windows are making something of a comeback. Android O is bringing picture in picture to the forefront once more. But is that for the best?
OnePlus 3 and 3T will get Android O eventually, OnePlus 5 retail box choice is all yours
The hype around the OnePlus 5 is (slowly) growing with a poll over what box to sell the phone in, while the 3 and 3T are confirmed for Android O updates.
Convertibles, Project Treble and Fear China! | #PNWeekly 254
We discuss how portable Windows 10 PCs have underwent a transformation in the past year or two on our show. Also, Android O’s fragmentation magic wand!
Is Android boring and if so, is that a good thing?
Is Android getting boring? If so, that’s only because it is such a mature operating system, it’s now time to focus on the nitty gritty details.
Let’s chat HTC U11 and playing Zelda on your phone! | Pocketnow Weekly 253
It’s our pleasure to introduce a new team member here at Pocketnow. Joel joins us to chat about the HTC U11, and will Nintendo bring Zelda to our phones?
Samsung Chromebook Pro
Samsung Chromebook Pro release date comes after much tribulation on Android apps
But a bigger story tells that this pivotal product won’t be firing on all cylinders thanks to challenges posed with Android app integration on Chrome OS.
Android O Preview: the top new Android O features! (Video)
Our Juan Carlos Bagnell takes a look at Android O’s new dots, dazzles, cantilevers and whatnot to understand where Google’s going in mobile next.
Android O emoji go from gumdrop to usable
Lines. Gender. More intersect with how other companies’ emoji. More understanding. If you can’t get emoji in a snap, Google has failed you… until now.
Android O beta spreads through the full beta program today
Two major categories of improvements have been introduced: Fluid Experiences and Vitals. And you get to try them out through the Android Beta Program.
Project Treble seeks to put Android updates on the fast lane
Another feature to look forward to on Android O is one that will ease the burden on manufacturers and carriers dealing with device software.