HTC 10 ‘expected’ to score Nougat in Q4, followed by One M9 and One A9

Android Nougat should start to roll out to the unlocked HTC 10 between September and December, with the One M9 and A9 next in line for 7.0.

Sony Xperia X Performance gets pre-release Android 7.0 Nougat beta

Sony’s recently paused Xperia Beta Program is back on, with pre-release Android 7.0 Nougat builds soon to be available for the Xperia X Performance.

Samsung ominously dodges Galaxy Note 7 Daydream compatibility questions

Does the Galaxy Note 7 support Google’s Daydream VR platform or does it not? Samsung has no clear answer yet, which may not be a great sign.

The Nexus Launcher: leaked, dissected and pointed back at Google

Someone supposedly leaked a launcher that future Nexus devices may be using on top of their Android OS. Are we really asking about what it mean for Google?

The latest on what to expect from the Galaxy Note 7

It’s only days prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Does it carry the torch as the chaebol’s leading edge in mobile?

Android Nougat knows where your apps came from

The latest and last developer preview of Android 7.0 Nougat now shows you right from the settings where you installed your app from.
Android N Developer Preview 3

Android N Developer Preview 5 is out, and this seems to be the final one

Learn more about some of the recent changes that Google has deployed with Android N Developer Preview 5, as this seems to be the final preview

Benchmarks revive Galaxy Note 7 as a lighter Note 7 edge

Geekbench has both the Galaxy Note 7 and its edge variant with drastically different components and, not surprisingly, drastically different results.

Hey, where did the Android One webpage go?

This could mean everything or nothing at all, with Google maybe thinking of discontinuing Android One phones for good… or maybe not.

HTC reminds us that Android Nougat will be on its newest phones

Android Nougat will be coming to the HTC 10, the One A9 and the One M9. Nothing’s new here. So why talk about it? Repetition.

Check Google’s Snapchat today for Android N name [UPDATE: Nougat]

The name of Android N will be announced via Google’s Snapchat and Twitter account. And already, we’ve got some teasing going on.

T-Mobile follows suit with Marshmallow update for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s AT&T’s ball now, as Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile have all officially brought the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Google might bring design changes to the Android navigation buttons soon

Learn more about some of the possible changes that might reach Android N’s navigation buttons in order to mimic Google’s design language a little more

Google Nexus end-of-life dates listed

Learn more about how early your current Nexus device is scratching end-of-life support, as Google has just listed more details on its support website

Android N Developer Preview 4 gets Namey, finalizes APIs

App developers can now officially prepare for updates or publications in time for Android N’s naming and release, expected sometime soon.

Either this Google exec really likes Nutella, or that’s the name of the next Android version

Nutella is probably inching closer and closer to confirmation of Android 7.0 branding. Or maybe not. Who can know for sure until Google tells us?

iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle! (video)

Let’s take a sneak peek at the smartphone future. Is Apple or Google on the better BETA track? iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Preview comparison!

Google fixes ancient Android Marshmallow memory leak, promises swift update

Just like its predecessor, Android 6.0 Marshmallow presents widespread memory leaks, which Google should finally be able to patch soon.

Android N name contest closes, winner coming in “a few weeks”

Android Naan? Android Norwegian Smoked Salmon? Android Norman Tart? We won’t know for sure until Google announces the name of Android N in a few weeks.

Native Android N on Galaxy Note 7 not likely happening

With new versions of Android launching in early fall and Galaxy Notes debuting closer to mid-summer, having Android N on the Note 7 may not be a thing.

Current Android flagship phones are unlikely to receive Daydream VR approval

Google has bad news to report for owners of existing Android phones, as its Daydream VR platform may only be compatible with future handhelds.
Android N Developer Preview 3

Why is Google afraid of the dark… theme?

Dark themes and Night Mode have been cut from the latest Android N Developer Preview BETA. Why is Google afraid of the dark?

Blass dishes OnePlus 3 specs

Evan Blass has another leak out that intermingles with previous hardware spec rumors. We just wish there were rumors about pricing, though.

Take up Android N’s Split Screen mode with two Chrome windows

Have something you want to read from Pocketnow there, but want a CNET article over here? Android N may be able to help soon.
Android N Developer Preview 3

Android N Developer Preview 3 video tour: What’s new? Not much…

Google released a new Android BETA after I/O 2016. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Android N Developer Preview 3!