Android Market was still a thing, but it’s no more, as Google pulls the plug on Android 2.1 and lower
It’s more of a formality than anything, as it’s unlikely to impact many users, but for what it’s worth, the Play Store-preceding Android Market is dead.
Another Android distribution chart, another marginal Nougat share increase
We may finally see Nougat break into double-digit Android distribution territory…next month. For now, 7.0 and 7.1’s combined share is 7.1 percent.
Google Play Store celebrates fifth anniversary
The Google Play Store, which replaced the Android Market, is now five years old. And it’s become more than just a smartphone apps store.
No more “Play” in Google Play Store? (Update: screenshots debunked)
Update 2:¬†MaterialUP developer Victor Borga responded to our request for comment, saying:…