Android 6.0 OTA news: Android One phones, HTC One M8, Nexus 4
My goodness gracious, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks in the…
CyanogenMod 13 coding begins with devs’ eyes toward release date
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Android 6.0 Marshmallow First Look (Video)
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What exactly is the Pixel C?
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Google rumor roundup: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Android Marshmallow
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Android M is Marshmallow: Google statue confirms it (Android 6.0, too)
Android M is Android Marshmallow: we get early confirmation of the next Android release thanks to Google’s latest Android statue.
Google teases possible Android M names in new video
Are any of the Android M names in this new Google video the right one?
nexus 5
LG Nexus phone could be key to Android Pay launch
Not that it should be especially surprising, but LG Nexus Android Pay support is rumored for the upcoming pure-Android handset.
Google’s next Android M preview release isn’t ready yet (but it should be worth the wait)
When the next Google Android M preview update gets here, it should essentially be feature-complete.
The case against automatic updates on Android
We all hate bugs and we love new features, but are forced, automatic updates the right way to deliver them?
These are the devices committed to Android M so far
Android M is racing up the update chain and will be arriving…
Android M preview hints that final version will be 5.2 (and not 6.0)
A rather blatant hint at the final Android M version number is hidden away within the developer preview.
HTC One M8 will be updated to Android M
Some great news for owners of the 2014 HTC flagship: a HTC One M8 Android M update will indeed be arriving, according to a company product manager.
Nexus 4 and Nexus 5
Will Google release its Android M preview for some older Nexus hardware?
It’s far from a guarantee, but there’s some scattered evidence that suggests we might see Nexus Android M preview releases for older devices.
Should skinned smartphones include a Material Design theme?
The Graphical User Interface comes with the lay of the land. Each…
Sony Android M preview now available for interested devs
There’s a new Sony Android M preview out now for many Xperia phones, but it’s a bit of work to get everything compiled.
Android M can’t come soon enough
Google showed us Android M at its I/O conference a couple of…
Android M Usability: Initial Impressions
With Android M official, we are taking a look at what Google has changed over Lollipop in terms of usability. Read the details to find out more!
Is a user defining app permissions a good thing?
Android M allows users to define what app permissions are allowable and what are not. Is this the best idea, or will it lead to confusion in the long run?
Google I/O 2015, iPhone messaging bug, Lenovo goes nuts | Pocketnow Weekly 150
Android gets smarterr, Lenovo rolls out some crazy tech concepts, and an iPhone messaging bug sticks in Apple’s craw. It’s all ahead in this week’s podcast!
Google Now on Tap might be Android’s biggest iPhone-fighter yet
Google Now on Tap takes an already-impressive Android feature and makes it much smarter. Siri should be quaking in her boots.
Android M Features
5 things Android M finally got right
The Google I/O 2015 Keynote just wrapped up and we got to see some of what’s new in Android M. Here is what Google (finally) got right!
nexus 5
Android M gets a codename, guaranteed Nexus update policy rumored
We may just have an Android M codename, as rumors circulate in the days leading up to I/O 2015.
Android M
Our wishlist for Android M
What’s on our Android M wishlist? I polled the Pocketnow team to see what’s on their minds, keep on reading to find out what we’d like to see!
Did Google just confirm Android M for I/O 2015?
Just like last year’s Google I/O brought us Android L, a note on this year’s schedule hints at Android M.