Pocketnow Power User
Introducing the Pocketnow Power User (video)
If you’re interested in the hardware that powers your devices, you’re probably lost in sea of numbers. Let us help out. Introducing Pocketnow Power User.
Windows Phone 8 from an Android perspective
Windows Phone 8 From an Android User’s Perspective
I’m an Android guy through and through. That wasn’t always the case: I started out as a Windows Mobile guy. Now that Microsoft has announced Windows Phone 8, how’d they do — from an Android guy’s perspective?
Android Power User with Joe Levi
Android Power User: What is the Bootloader?
Lean about Android’s bootloader, what is it, why it’s there, and why it’s usually locked.
Android Guy Weekly
The Curse of the Early Adopter (Video)
Although I love being an early adopter, most of the time the cost of entry is very high, the potential for failure is a big unknown, and the novelty can wear off a lot faster than one would have predicted. Nevertheless, Pocketnow is here to help you through the quagmire that exists on the cutting edge!
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Why are Tethered Internet Connections More Fragile?
Have you ever noticed that your Internet connection isn’t as stable when you’re tethered to your smartphone as it is when you’re connected to a WAP or router connected to a cable? Why is that? In this episode of the Android Guy Weekly we’ll dig into how cell towers work, and tell you why your tethered connection is more fragile — and we’ll throw in one quick and easy way to help minimize your tethering woes.
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Why aren’t NFC-Enabled Phones Compatible with Each Other?
Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to transfer something from…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Oh No! My Wife’s Phone Was “Stolen”! (Video)
What do you do when your smartphone goes missing? Here’s the real story of how my wife’s GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus was “stolen” — and a bizarre turn-of events that makes me want to get new locks.
Android Guy Weekly: The Jelly Bean Source Code Was Released, Get Ready for the Huge Wave of Ports
Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is coming soon to a phone near you! Depending on how old you phone is, who makes it, and what carrier you’re with it may not be coming to your phone. Hopefully it will, and hopefully it will be sooner than later. In the meantime, now that the source-code to Jelly Bean has hit the AOSP be ready for a whole slew of ROMs to start hitting the net! But before you get to excited, there are a few options you should probably be aware of.
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: What’s Next After Android Jelly Bean? Key Lime Pie?
Now that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is literally days old, I’ve got to wonder: what’s next.
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: What is a Point Release, and What Does it Mean for Jelly Bean?
Wikipedia says a “point release” is a minor release of a software…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: With All This Talk of ARM, Where is Intel?
In our last few episodes of the Android Guy Weekly we’ve talked…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Rundown of CPUs and SoCs
Central Processing Units (CPUs), Systems on a Chip (SoCs), dual-core, quad-core, ARM,…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: How OEMs (Try to) Maximize Battery Life
We’ve talked about it in the past and I’m sure we’ll talk about it long into the future: battery life. Today we’re going to tackle the subject from another direction. Rather than talk about what you and I can do to try and extend how long our batteries last, let’s talk about what manufacturers and OEMs are doing to try and maximize battery life in phones and tablets they make.
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: Everything You Need to Know About SD Cards
Many smartphones and tablets come with a microSD card slot as a…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly: ICS, Jelly Bean, and the Need For OEM UIs
Android often takes quite a bit of criticism for its “fragmentation”. It’s…
Android Guy Weekly
Android Guy Weekly – How to Make Your Batteries Last Longer
Last week on the Android Guy Weekly we talked about how batteries…
Android Guy Weekly: How Are Batteries Holding Us Back?
Batteries are included inside all our smartphones and tablets, but most of…
Android Guy Weekly: NFC and Spare Batteries, How Does it Work?
With the NFC-enabled Google Wallet app arriving on more devices, more phones…
Android Guy Weekly: Wolves, Sheep, and Sheepdogs
In this week’s episode of the Android Guy Weekly we’ll talk about…
Android Guy Weekly: Using Your Smartphone In Case of Emergency
This week’s Android Guy Weekly was delayed due to a medical emergency…
Android Guy Weekly: Cores, Cars, and Confusion
A few viewers have written in with various questions about dual-core versus…
Android Guy Weekly: Where Are Ads Unacceptable?
Ads help app developers release “free” apps, but they’re still able to…
Android Guy Weekly: What is Bloatware? (Video)
Today’s topic goes way back to the PC days where OEMs would…
Android Guy Weekly: To Root, or Not To Root? (Video)
To root, or not to root, that is the question. In the…
Android Guy Weekly: Are Carrier Subsidies Holding Back Smartphone Updates?
In the United States phones and cellular plans are almost synonymous. You…