Be My Eyes, Empires & Puzzles and Flipkart top eclectic list of 2018 Google Play Award winners

Far from a popularity contest, the 2018 Google Play Awards were handed out to a mix of mainstream hits and obscure underdogs including BBC Earth: Life in VR and Episode by Pocket Gems.

Nintendo confirms Mario Kart Tour mobile development, official launch still unclear

Mario Kart Tour will come to mobile devices by the end of 2019’s first calendar quarter, but it’s unclear if Nintendo plans this to be its next smartphone game.

Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game

Google Play’s US Best of 2017 lists include Super Mario Run in the lead in the new game category, and Photo Editor as the year’s most popular new app.

Android games, apps, movies and books feature on Google’s list of Play Store Black Friday deals

You can get a number of “premium” Android games at up to 80 percent off from Google Play, as well as free Play Music and heavily discounted books.

Google updates Android Excellence collections with high-quality new apps and games

If you want to discover lesser-known high-quality mobile apps and games, as well as remember the heavyweights, check out the new Android Excellence lists.

The Legend of Zelda is finally expected on smartphones ‘soon’ as Nintendo’s next step in mobile

It always felt safe to assume Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda would eventually follow Super Mario Run on smartphones, but now we have “confirmation.”

Super Mario Run gets an exact Android release date, and it’s right around the corner

Just a few more days to go until Nintendo finally, fi-na-lly spreads the Super Mario Run love to Android devices after a lengthy iOS exclusivity period.

Claim your Google Play Easter treat if you’re lucky and slash 80 percent off a top app or game

Have you checked Google Play recently? If not, a surprising and bizarrely restrictive 80 percent discount off a “top” Android app or game could await.