With Android Q around the corner, only 10% of devices run Android Pie
Google has finally made public its Android distribution numbers for May 2019, and they reveal that Android Pie is only fourth, on 10 percent of devices.
Oreo gains modest 1.1 percent share in Android distribution numbers for May
The latest Android distribution chart looks just as bad as the one from last month, with Nougat in the lead, Marshmallow in second place, and Oreo at only 5.7 percent.
Oreo more than quadruples its share in Google’s latest Android distribution report
Google forgot to revise the Android distribution chart last month, now reporting some massive growth for Oreo compared to February numbers.
Android distribution, February 2018: Oreo hits 1 percent, Nougat gains nearly 10 percent
Android Oreo’s growth rate along with Nougat’s look pretty much on track with figures from 12 months ago, pitiful as it is.
Another Android distribution chart, another small uptick for 8.0 Oreo
The December 2017 Android distribution numbers are in, and version 8.0 Oreo still can’t rival the prevalence of Marshmallow, Lollipop, KitKat or Jelly Bean.
Android distribution for November shows sluggish progress for Nougat, Oreo
Growth is on par with Nougat at this infant stage, but for Nougat, it is maturing slower than how Marshmallow did with users.
Latest Android distribution scores register timid Oreo debut, decent Nougat progress
The newest Android distribution chart is the first to include 8.0 Oreo, at just 0.2 percent share, with Nougat gaining 2 percent over the past 30 days.
Nougat gains another 2 percent in September’s Android distribution numbers, finally beating KitKat
With Oreo not in yet, Nougat continues to trail Marshmallow and Lollipop’s Android distribution scores, at least making the podium for the first time.
Nougat near a year in, Android distribution report gives it 2 percent progress
The numbers for August 2017 are up and, as always, we’re dealing with underperformance from Android 7.0 and 7.1 versus Marshmallow.
Nougat breaks double-digit barrier in July Android distribution chart, almost one year after launch
There’s little to be happy about in Google’s latest Android distribution report. Nougat has crossed the 10-percent milestone, but it still trails KitKat.
Nougat nears 10 percent adoption, Marshmallow finally beats Lollipop in June Android distribution figures
The latest Android distribution numbers are in, and of course, Nougat still trails behind new pack leader Marshmallow and silver medalist Lollipop.
Another Android distribution chart, another marginal Nougat share increase
We may finally see Nougat break into double-digit Android distribution territory…next month. For now, 7.0 and 7.1’s combined share is 7.1 percent.
April’s Android distribution chart is still messed up, with Lollipop on top and Nougat at 4.9 percent
This month in Android distribution news: Nougat continues its slow rise to Jelly Bean-beating numbers, while Lollipop is still number one.
Finally, Nougat sees major surge in March Android distribution numbers
2.8 percent is still a small piece of the pie for 7.0 and 7.1 Nougat, but at least it’s much bigger than 1.2 percent in previous Android distribution data.
Latest Android distribution numbers have Nougat at a combined 1.2 percent, Marshmallow at 30+
The Android distribution chart for February 2017 includes month-to-month Marshmallow growth, Lollipop prevalence, and Nougat disappointment.
Froyo dies in January 2017 Android Distribution figures
Android Nougat doesn’t even notch one full percentage point, but at least Android 2.2 has finally lost its 0.1 percent of share.
Android Nougat distribution logged for November 2016
Two full months into its existence and Android 7.0/7.1 has popped onto the distribution numbers while Marshmallow tries to keep pace with its predecessor.
Android distribution: Marshmallow yet to break 20 percent share
Marshmallow continues to grow, but at a slower pace when compared to Android Lollipop’s launch window. When will Nougat make its way to 0.1%?
Android Marshmallow share up 3.1 percent in July distribution
Android Marshmallow has gained presence on more devices than ever at a fastest rate recorded as of yet. So, what’s up for next month?
Android distribution shows slower Marshmallow growth for June
Android 6.0 Marshmallow had been growing at increasing rates every month for the past five months. Not the case this month.
Android Marshmallow is growing slower than how Lollipop did
Android 6.0 snagged all the growth from the other versions of the OS this month, but it’s growth over the past six months is now slower than Lollipop.
Marshmallow doubles share in April Android distribution numbers
Marshmallow seems incapable of surpassing the usage figures of Lollipop, KitKat or Jelly Bean, but compared to March, it’s on a healthy upward trajectory.
Android Lollipop overtakes KitKat as largest distributed version
Version 5.0 and 5.1 are now the most popular among Android toters today, breaking up the lead KitKat had for a long time.
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Android distribution numbers updated for August, KitKat on the rise
The August 2014 Android distribution numbers have been released by the team at Google, with KitKat on the up and up and some surprises at hand.
Android distribution numbers for July now available
Google has updated one of its pages for at Android developers with updated July 2014 Android distribution numbers. Learn what’s changed from last month.