Google Allo

Google brings tighter Android Auto integration to underachieving Allo app

Well, Allo there, Android Auto, and nice to finally be able to communicate properly behind the wheel without taking one’s eyes off the road.

Version 2.06 of Android Auto listens for OK Google

The app got an update a couple of days ago that let users control their Android Auto-enabled head unit without touching a microphone button.

Samsung phones with high-end Harman audio tech coming in 2018, no car-making plans

We’ll probably have to wait for the Galaxy S9 or Note 9 to adopt premium Harman sound, with Samsung also still not considering its own car.

Android Auto is now available in every car right on your phone screen

Android Auto 2.0 is an entirely reworked new version of the previously limited connected car app, breaking you free from head unit reliance.

What can auto makers do to better incorporate mobile technology?

A couple of years ago, Google and Apple both unveiled their latest…

Android Auto goes global(er) with support in 18 new nations

With new support for 18 additional nations, Android Auto international coverage just took a big step forward.

Google sets the record straight after allegations of deep Android Auto data harvesting

Google says Android Auto doesn’t collect as much sensitive, private information from cars and their owners as a recent report claimed.

Chevrolet brings Android Auto to 2016 eight-inch MyLink models in March

Android Auto will be added to 2016 eight-inch MyLink-equipped Chevrolet models via a software update, according to official word from the company.

Google admits to Moto G issues with Android Auto

Issues with Moto G Android Auto compatibility for Motorola’s 2015 model may be more widespread than once thought, as Google admits problems.

Volkswagen embraces connected vehicles with Android Auto, CarPlay support

Learn about the broad smartphone support (and some important limitations) for the 2016 line of Volkswagen connected cars.

Kenwood’s dual CarPlay and Android Auto systems now shipping

Learn more about the aftermarket options that Kenwood is offering for CarPlay and Android Auto, as both units are now shipping to retailers.

GMC and Buick join the CarPlay and Android Auto crowd

Learn more about how more GM models now support CarPlay and Android Auto. Today we see GMC and Buick joining the tech-vechicle crowd.

GM outfitting the bulk of its Chevy lineup with Android Auto and CarPlay support

The new GM MyLink system on 2016 Chevy vehicles brings with it support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity.

Hyundai already fitting some of its 2015 models with Android Auto

Learn more about Hyundai’s official launch of Android Auto on some of its current vehicles, as we’ve waited too long to see an Android Auto launch partner.
Android Lollipop for smartwatches

The state of Android

Android has grown well beyond that which it was originally intended. Where did it come from and where is it now? This is the state of Android.

Android Auto now available if you’ve got the right hardware

If you’ve got the right gear in your car and the latest software on your phone, the day you can use Android Auto has finally arrived.

Don’t count on seeing OEM Android Wear skins

Is this the beginning of the end for Android skinning? Find out which new Android projects won’t be getting any OEM skins to speak of.