Tiny Instagram Lite app surfaces on Google Play with absolutely no fanfare

According to a company spokesperson, the storage space-saving Instagram Lite Android app is still undergoing (public) testing in just one global market.

‘Built in India’, Uber Lite is ‘designed for the world’, tipping the scales at under 5MB

If you need to get a ride in one of over 600 cities where Uber operates, but own a basic Android phone with spotty connectivity, the Lite app is here.

Be My Eyes, Empires & Puzzles and Flipkart top eclectic list of 2018 Google Play Award winners

Far from a popularity contest, the 2018 Google Play Awards were handed out to a mix of mainstream hits and obscure underdogs including BBC Earth: Life in VR and Episode by Pocket Gems.

Spotify’s free music streaming tier gets on-demand playlists for Android and iOS devices

Look for a new, redesigned Spotify app for iOS and Android in the “coming weeks”, providing free access to select on-demand playlists, as well as a more personalized music streaming experience through and through.

Amazon quietly released a new ultra-lightweight ‘Internet’ browser in Google Play

If you need an extra-small, lightning fast, privacy-focused new way to surf the web on your Android device, you could try to give Amazon’s new “Internet” app a chance.

Huawei AppGallery expands worldwide on Huawei and Honor phones starting with the P20

Huawei and Honor phone users looking for a “family-friendly app store specifically designed” for them should look no further. Say hello to the global AppGallery.

Google Lens preview officially spreads to iOS devices in Google Photos app

Previously available only on Android devices, the AI-powered Google Lens object recognition tool is now rolling out to both iPhone and iPad users as a neat Google Photos extension.

Google Pay officially launches as Android Pay replacement, starting in the US and UK

Previewed early last month, the Google Pay Android app is now available as a free Play Store download in lieu of the old Android Pay digital wallet service.

More than 700,000 ‘bad’ apps were banned from Google Play last year, up 70 percent

Google Play Protect, machine learning techniques and an overall increased commitment to security made Android’s main app store a more trusted and safer place in 2017 than ever before.

Samsung’s official PyeongChang 2018 app brings you closer to the Olympic action

The only mobile app you’ll need to follow the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics action is available from Samsung as a free Google Play or iOS App Store download.

Google Play changes aim to take Android app security and performance to the next level

Android app security and performance will be a big focus for Google over the next couple of years, as proven by recently announced Play Store policy revisions.

Google unveils several ‘India-first’ products and features, including Assistant for JioPhone

Google has a bunch of lightweight new Android apps designed primarily for smartphone users in India. Also, a special JioPhone version of Google Assistant.

Google unsurprisingly names Super Mario Run 2017’s most popular new Android game

Google Play’s US Best of 2017 lists include Super Mario Run in the lead in the new game category, and Photo Editor as the year’s most popular new app.

Android games, apps, movies and books feature on Google’s list of Play Store Black Friday deals

You can get a number of “premium” Android games at up to 80 percent off from Google Play, as well as free Play Music and heavily discounted books.

Netflix adds compatibility with Android’s Picture-in-Picture feature… for 8.1 Oreo only

In theory, Netflix now supports Android Oreo’s Picture-in-Picture functionality for enhanced mobile multitasking. In practice, you can’t use it yet.

You now have seven minutes to delete WhatsApp messages ‘for everyone’

With the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, it’s possible to delete embarrassing messages within seven minutes of their sending.

Google updates Android Excellence collections with high-quality new apps and games

If you want to discover lesser-known high-quality mobile apps and games, as well as remember the heavyweights, check out the new Android Excellence lists.

Convertible HP Chromebook x360 and Asus Chromebook Flip C101 are now up for grabs in the US

The previously education-focused HP Chromebook x360 11 G1 EE and ultra-low-cost Asus Chromebook Flip C101 are widely available stateside now.

Drooling over that iPhone X notch? These two apps let you easily add it to any Android device

Why would anyone want to voluntarily give up precious screen real estate on their Android devices? To spoof the iPhone X, of course.

Google launches Tez in India for simple and secure online and offline mobile payments

Instead of trying to adapt the NFC-only Android Pay platform to the rigors of the Indian market, Google has released a brand new payments app called Tez.

Google search and Gboard for Android gain voice typing support in 30 new languages

Voice typing is closer and closer to becoming truly ubiquitous on various Google products, including search and the Gboard Android app.

Skype gains convenient Send Money functionality for PayPal transfers on Android and iOS

PayPal just made it easier for IM and video chat addicts to exchange money on mobile devices with direct Skype Android and iOS app integration.

Advanced machine learning helps Google app feed get more intuitive and easier to customize

The already intuitive and versatile Google feed in the search giant’s Android and iOS app is getting a major update focused on personalization.

Uber makes it a lot easier and more intuitive to request rides for friends and family

If you want to help someone who doesn’t own a smartphone or that simply refuses to use the Uber app get around, a new feature makes it hassle-free.

Microsoft’s free Face Swap Android app sounds fun, practical and fairly ‘sophisticated’

You should reserve judgment until downloading it (for free) and taking it for a spin, but Microsoft’s Face Swap Android app looks interesting on paper.