Samsung Galaxy Note 5 gets Grace UX update

Unfortunately for the rest of us who have Galaxy Note 5 phones to update, this seems to be a Korea-only thing for now. And there’s no Nougat, either.

Thin, screen-ful Lenovo Yoga Book runs on Android or Windows 10

This convertible tablet does not have a physical keyboard — it deals with a digital one — and can take a stylus on its screen or on paper with real ink.

Rumor-dubbed Lenovo Vibe P2 has 5Ah battery looked at by TENAA

It’s not a remarkably stunning phone by the look of it, but what rumors have dubbed the Lenovo Vibe P2 does have a big power payload.

AT&T Galaxy S5 gets Marshmallow with S5 Active at nearly 11 months from Nexus image dump

The two devices from 2014 have just gotten Android 6.0.1. It took AT&T a long time to figure this update out for the 2014 model year devices.

OnePlus X gets OxygenOS 3.1 community build based on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow is still not ready to roll out OTA to the OnePlus X in bug-free form, but this community build should shorten the wait.

Samsung Galaxy On7 gets Android Marshmallow

The Samsung Galaxy On7 is getting on with Android Marshmallow starting from today in its available regions, making the jump to version 6.0.1.

In record time, AT&T Galaxy Note 5, S6 edge+ have Android Marshmallow

Between the Korean manufacturer and the American carrier, it took them nine months to deliver this update to two phones released simultaneously.

T-Mobile BlackBerry Priv receiving Android Marshmallow OTA

Big Magenta isn’t selling the phone anymore, but it is doing due diligence in supporting it. The Marshmallow update for the Priv is out right now.

Native Android N on Galaxy Note 7 not likely happening

With new versions of Android launching in early fall and Galaxy Notes debuting closer to mid-summer, having Android N on the Note 7 may not be a thing.

Oxygen 3.0.2 OTA finally delivers Android Marshmallow for OnePlus 2

Seven months to the day when Google released the final builds of Android Marshmallow, the OnePlus 2 should be getting the latest OS version within the week.

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 inches over Marshmallow summit

Verizon put the Galaxy Note 4 on near-fire sale status a short time ago. Good news to those who seized the horns: Android Marshmallow is here.

AT&T Marshmallow struggle is gone for Galaxy S6

In recent history, AT&T customers have had to wait the longest for their Android devices to receive major updates. Still the case for the Galaxy S6.

T-Mobile LG V10 crosses Android Marshmallow finish line next week

T-Mobile Product Manager Des Smith tweeted out a simple little teaser for the Android Marshmallow update headed for the LG V10.

Cyanogenmod 13, Android Marshmallow out for OnePlus One

Cyanogen has finally been able to complete the Cyanogenmod 13 update package – based on Android Marshmallow – for the OnePlus One.

Sprint Galaxy S5, S5 Sport hit with Android Marshmallow

Two-year-old phones getting proper software updates? Sacré bleu! Sprint’s Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Sport are getting Android Marshmallow updates.

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge receive important stability-enhancing updates on T-Mobile

It’s not Android N, of course, or 6.0.2 Marshmallow or anything, but T-Mobile’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge software update is still pretty significant.

SwiftKey for Android scores all those fun new 6.0.1 emojis

SwiftKey, probably the most popular third-party keyboard app for Android devices, now supports the full slate of emojis launched in 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Sprint doubles up HTC updates with Marshmallow for One M8, 6.0.1 for One A9

The HTC One M8 will get its Android Marshmallow OTAs on Sprint before any other US carrier. The case goes for the One A9 to 6.0.1.

Did the Android 6.0.1 update kill your battery life?

User’s who have gotten the Android 6.0.1 update are reporting much shorter battery life than before the update. Are you one of them?

Unlocked HTC One M9 gets updated to Android 6.0, One A9 to 6.0.1 stateside

The HTC One M9 gets its first taste of Marshmallow in the US in unlocked variants, while the One A9 already moves from Android 6.0 to 6.0.1.

HTC confirms plans to make good on One A9 Android update guarantee: 6.0.1 due this month

HTC gave itself a tough ultimatum on One A9 updates, and today clarifies its plans for a One A9 Android 6.0.1 update later this month.

Android 6.0.1 lands for Nexus devices with a ton of new emoji (factory images available)

Android 6.0.1 updates are incoming, armed with a bunch of new emoji characters. Get your factory image now for early access.