Dell Venue 8 vs Dell Venue 8 Pro (Video)
Two of Dell’s new tablets are very similar. Find out about some of the differences between the Dell Venue 8 and the Dell Venue 8 Pro.
Lag isn’t always a death sentence
We’ve criticized lag and stutter in mobile software for years. But is the presence of the occasional jitter or jump really a make-it-or-break-it issue?
Google Now For iOS Is A Huge Slap In The Face To Android Users
I need a beer, and I’m sure many of you need a…
Custom Quick Toggles
First Look at Expanded Jelly Bean Quick Toggles (Video)
Check out the new Quick Toggles in CM10.1 Nightly and learn about how they did it.
Android Wild and Loving it
Here’s How Being ‘Wild’ and ‘Uncontrolled’ Got Android To Market Domination
Read about why Steve Ballmer’s assessment of Android being “wild” and “uncontrolled” is a matter of perspective, and why you’ll find an Android in almost 3 out of 4 pockets today.
Flashing and Hands-On with Android 4.2
How-To Flash and Hands-On With Android 4.2 (Video)
Watch how to flash Android 4.2 on your Galaxy Nexus (GSM) or Nexus 7, and see some of the new features in action.
Android 4.2 Screen Sharing Will Make Other Google Products Obsolete
Read about how Android 4.2’s remote display feature could replace Google TV, the Nexus Q, and Chrome Books.
Why Leaving Android for Another Platform is Harder Than Ever Before
Google’s Android platform has fierce competition in the iPhone 5 and Windows Phone 8. Despite this, it’s harder than ever to leave Google’s OS. Read on to see why.
Android 4.2 Gets Malware Scanning Baked In — Sort of
Read about one of Android 4.2 ‘another flavor or Jelly Bean’s new features: malware detection!
Multiple Nexus Phones Would Have Been Objectively Awesome, Tactically Dumb
Google’s Nexus 4 was, according to one rumor, only one of a number of Nexus smartphones to be announced this year. Read on to see why that would -and wouldn’t- have been awesome.
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 016
From Microsoft’s Surface RT to Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10, to Apple’s iPad Mini, the news keeps flowing. Check out this Pocketnow Weekly episode for our latest impressions on these topics, and so much more.
Check Out The Google Event That Never Was
Take a look at what Google had been setting-up for its NYC event that had to be canceled due to the weather.
With the Nexus 10, Google Looks to Turn Mobile Upside-Down — Again
Google is changing the rules with its Nexus 10 tablet, betting that “if they built it, developers will come.” Read on to see what we think of the company’s chances.
Hands-On with Android 4.2 Photo Sphere (Video)
Android 4.2, “a new flavor of Jelly Bean”, was announced earlier this week, with it comes a new Camera and Gallery app that let you take advantage of Google’s Street View technology by enabling quick-and-easy 360-degree, immersive panoramas.
Another Look At Google Android 4.2 Photo Sphere, APK Unofficially Available
In this video you can take another look at Photo Sphere and its features inside Android 4.2.
Android 4.2 Stock Keyboard Now Available For Download, Unofficially
One of the new enhancements we saw yesterday with the launch of…
A New Flavor of Jelly Bean
What’s New in Android 4.2
Read about what’s new in Android 4.2.
The Nexus 10 Is Both Ugly And Hard To Resist, Here’s Why
Google’s launch of the Nexus One and the Nexus 7 have both…
The Nexus 4: Why This Might Be Your Dream Phone
Here in the northeastern United States, hurricane Sandy is starting to mess…
Will We See Android 4.2 Next Week?
Read about Android 4.2, the October 29th launch event, and if we’ll see Android 4.2 next week after all.
What Do We Want From Android 4.2?
Hear some of the features we’re hoping to see implemented in Google’s forthcoming Android 4.2 release.