HTC Desire 616 launched; Sports a MediaTek octa-core processor

HTC continues to be its future on the mid-to-high tier of the…

Dell Venue 8 vs Dell Venue 8 Pro (Video)

Two of Dell’s new tablets are very similar. Find out about some of the differences between the Dell Venue 8 and the Dell Venue 8 Pro.

Samsung finally ready to bring multi-user support to its Android tablets?

See the evidence that’s arrived in support of a new Samsung tablet multi-user update for its Galaxy Tab 3 series.

Lag isn’t always a death sentence

We’ve criticized lag and stutter in mobile software for years. But is the presence of the occasional jitter or jump really a make-it-or-break-it issue?

Google Now For iOS Is A Huge Slap In The Face To Android Users

I need a beer, and I’m sure many of you need a…

Walk-through of AOKP Jelly Bean Running on the Nexus 4 (Video)

Watch as we take our first look at AOKP Jelly Bean running on the Google Nexus 4.

Is This One of the Android 4.2.2 Changes?

Hear about one of the latest fixes lined-up for Android, and why we think it might be in Android 4.2.2.

Year-End Android Version Breakdown Shows Increased Rates Of ICS, Jelly Bean Adoption

Discover what progress is being made towards getting Android users on the most recent versions of the operating system.
Custom Quick Toggles

First Look at Expanded Jelly Bean Quick Toggles (Video)

Check out the new Quick Toggles in CM10.1 Nightly and learn about how they did it.

Android 4.2 Malware Detection Gets Failing Grade

Learn why you might not want to rely on Jelly Bean’s malware scanning alone.

CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Out For Nexus 10

CyanogenMod nightly builds are now available for download and install on the Samsung-made Google Nexus 10.
Unlocking the Nexus 4

Unlocking, Rooting, and More with Nexus 4 Toolkit (Video)

If you’re like me you’ve just received your Nexus 4, or it’s in the mail to you now. After the first day has past and you want to do some fun stuff with it, how do you get started?
Here's How to Set Up and Use Multi-User on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Here’s How to Set Up and Use Multi-User on Android 4.2 (Video)

Watch how to set up multi-users on Android 4.2, how to switch between those users, how to delete users that you don’t want anymore, and some things to keep in mind before you get too excited.

Nexus Media Deals, Microsoft Surface 2 Rumors, Nokia Running Android & More – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Google’s exclusive offer to…

Android 4.2’s Multi-User Transparency Bug

Take a look at the weird glitch affecting a number of games in Android 4.2.

CyanogenMod 10 Nightlies Out For Nexus 4, Coming Soon For Nexus 10

Nightlies are out for the LG-made Google-phone (already two, to be more specific) in case you want to give them a try.

Voice Dictation Showdown: iOS vs Android vs Windows Phone (Video)

An iPad, a Nexus 7, and a Nokia Lumia 920 go head-to-head in a battle for voice dictation supremacy. Watch the video to see who comes out on top!

Don’t Like Android 4.2’s Lockscreen Changes? App Lets You Easily Disable Them

Hear about the app you can use to disable some of Google’s recent Android lockscreen changes.

Reports Claim the Google Nexus 4 Has Working LTE, Here’s How To Test It Out

According to reports, the Google Nexus 4 by LG does indeed have a working LTE, at least in Canada. Check out the details!

Google Acknowledges Android 4.2 December Glitch, Talks Fix

Read what Google had to say about the recently-discovered December glitch in Android 4.2.
Android Wild and Loving it

Here’s How Being ‘Wild’ and ‘Uncontrolled’ Got Android To Market Domination

Read about why Steve Ballmer’s assessment of Android being “wild” and “uncontrolled” is a matter of perspective, and why you’ll find an Android in almost 3 out of 4 pockets today.

Android 4.2 People App Missing December As Birthday

Google Android 4.2 is missing December in the People app, meaning you can’t set birthdays for contacts born in the last month of the year.
Flashing and Hands-On with Android 4.2

How-To Flash and Hands-On With Android 4.2 (Video)

Watch how to flash Android 4.2 on your Galaxy Nexus (GSM) or Nexus 7, and see some of the new features in action.

Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 Pre-Orders Start At 9a PST, What Are You Getting? (Poll)

Google Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 pre-orders start at 9a PDT. Let us know what you’re getting by answering our poll!

Android 4.2 Hitting Nexus 7 Tablets, ‘Nakasi’ Owners Can Grab The Update Now

Android 4.2 is beginning to hit Nexus 7 tablets too and you can now grab the refresh manually from Google’s servers. Check it out!