Insurgent OnePlus now has a key win in India

The fight has been among Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi for a period, but OnePlus has launched a rocket in India and has ridden it up into the premium space.

Galaxy S8 drives up average Samsung phone sales price

The priciest Galaxy S series devices helped bring up the metric just a tad to $235, the best figure Strategy Analytics has logged for three years.

Siri loses ground to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana in a year’s time

Apple’s AI-powered assistant as well as Samsung’s have lost users from May of last year to this May. Google, Microsoft and Hound have made some gains.

India spent a quarter of what they bought online on smartphones in 2016

Flipkart is the absolute place to go, according to Counterpoint Research. But that doesn’t mean everyone’s fighting for more market share.

iPhone 6s is most bought smartphone in three continents

According to ScientiaMobile, Apple has taken 18 slots in the top five sets of the six major continents. Samsung has taken ten.

Deutsche Bank’s global iPhone 7 pricing list is weird

It cost relatively less to get an iPhone 7 than an iPhone 6s in India. Just slightly. And why is a 128GB iPhone 7 costing us $815 in the US?

iPhone 7 Plus pricing may make up for overall slump in demand for the series

The street gawkers are expecting Apple to breach records for revenues and iPhone sales this holiday quarter. Can it really?

Analysts don’t see curved-screen Galaxy S8 driving demand

Will consumers’ eyes catch the light glinting off of the Galaxy S8’s giant, bezelless, curved screen? Or will they see an unusable phone?

Apple limiting Qualcomm iPhone 7 modem performance to match Intel levels

iPhone 7 devices on Sprint and Verizon inherently perform better than ones on AT&T and T-Mobile, but Apple has kept the two on par.

Google Pixel adoption rates outpacing Nexus 6P

The data comes from analytics firm Appboy and shows comparable use rates between the Pixel and Pixel XL with major growth in their first week of sales.

iOS 10 share nearing half as it overtakes iOS 9

As of 10pm Eastern on September 28, 2016, iOS 10 registered a 49.97 percent usage share on all iPhones and iPads. It took 15 days to get here.

KGI: Jet Black iPhone 7 production issues hold up deliveries

KGI Securities states in an investment note that Apple can only take 60 to 70 percent of any lot of Jet Black iPhone 7 devices to market.

iPhone 7 display with wide color gamut impresses analyst

DisplayMate has evaluated the display that Apple uses on its iPhone 7. As far as an LCD with an HDR color gamut goes, it is pretty tops.

iPhone 6s tops US market for late spring, with Galaxy S7 and iPhone SE following

But the iPhone SE also has some interesting stats about it as an analytics firm tracked buyer patterns over the first few months of its release.

Post-peak, where will Pokemon GO’s bottom be?

At its peak, Pokemon GO had over 40 million users. But that was a month ago. Now it’s three-quarters of that. Where will decline take this viral hit?

Xiaomi swears to US market with smartphones, but no dates

Many people expect Xiaomi to deliver its smartphones to the US “in the near future” but there’s “no date” set on when that’ll happen yet.

Gartner: Windows phones sales for OEMs total 750,000 for Q2

That’s the estimate that analytics firm Gartner is making between Microsoft’s self-reported 1.2 million Lumia sales and its own calculations.

Motorola Android Marshmallow update rates are fastest by far

Technically, part of that comes from it producing the Nexus 6 in 2014, but it seems to be top of the tops of Marshmallow updates this year.

SurveyMonkey proclaims peak Pokemon GO in US

SurveyMonkey is claiming that Pokemon GO is pretty much done riding its high. At least its initial one, anyways. Where does it go from here?

TrendForce expects OPPO, vivo, LeEco as China shipment stars

OPPO and vivo, under a single owner, are expected to trump over Huawei’s shipments for the year. At least that’s what TrendForce says.

On average, five percent of people make in-app purchases

According to AppsFlyer, only about 5 percent of all users in the world buy stuff through apps on their phone. But when they do, they make it known.

iOS 9 update slow to get out, fast to adopt

The general attitude towards software updates has been perceived as a negative…