We could find Samsung and AMD components in the next Nintendo Switch
It seems that we could see Samsung and AMD chipsets in the future of Nintendo consoles that may deliver groundbreaking graphics
Report: Microsoft looking at AMD as Intel relationship ‘on shaky ground’
Microsoft could be testing out Surface tablets and computers with AMD processors as the relationship with Intel is reportedly ‘on shaky ground’
7nm chip orders ramping up for TSMC
A recent report suggests that 7nm chip orders placed with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) are ramping up.
14nm Intel
Research: Intel CPU shortage to become worse in Q2 2019
A new report talks about the Intel CPU shortage, and predicts that it will become worse in the second quarter of the year.
AMD-powered HP Chromebooks also coming in the spring
HP continues its showcase of Chromebooks for the education sector this week with an AMD-powered product meant for the lab and field trips.
More laptop makers turn to AMD to combat Intel chip shortage
A recent report claims that more and more laptop and notebook manufacturers are turning to AMD to combat Intel chip shortages.
Huawei MateBook D updated with AMD Ryzen 5 processor
Intel is moved aside for the latest version of this notebook for “casual gamers” from Huawei. So, how much will it cost?
TSMC preparing 7nm fabrication with Snapdragon 855 orders expected
Qualcomm has been a longtime partner with TSMC, but has gone with Samsung as of late. Progress on a new fabrication turned it around.
HP unveils a bunch of powerful and stylish new PCs in a wide range of versatile designs
There’s truly something for every Windows PC enthusiast out there in HP’s refreshed computer lineup, from flexible detachables to powerful convertibles and even a versatile portable display.
Samsung Notebook 9 Pro puts a big S Pen on a beautiful, flippy screen
You can turn the huge screen around and then take out the active S Pen stylus to draw on it. In all seriousness, it looks like fun.
Samsung could license GPU for Exynos from NVIDIA or AMD
Signs point away from Qualcomm involvement in future Samsung smartphones, but challenges, including a negotiation over new GPUs, could stymie progress.
Wait for Surface Pro 5 grows with rumors
Rumored components to be included with the Surface Pro 5 will include a 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processor and an optional 4K screen.
AMD’s CEO just leaked the final Windows 10 launch date
Learn more about the possible launch date of Windows 10 according to one of the company’s closest partners. Back-to-school it is for Microsoft.