Pocketnow Week in Review: week 25 news recap of 2014
The Pocketnow Week in Review brings you all the most popular news and video from the past week. This week was a week of surprises.
Amazon Fire phone: better for Amazon or the consumer?
We’ve been hearing about the Amazon phone for years now. Read why Amazon’s Fire phone isn’t exactly what we were hoping for.
Amazon unveils its first smartphone, the Fire phone
It’s finally here! Get all the details on today’s announcement of the first Amazon smartphone.
Amazon phone rumor roundup: the mysterious 3D phone is nearly here
Our Amazon phone rumor roundup will fill you in on everything you need to know about Amazon’s hotly anticipated new handset.
T-Mobile CEO’s sick burn adds support for Amazon phone AT&T rumors
Check out what T-Mobile’s CEO had to say about the recent AT&T Amazon phone exclusivity rumor.
Amazon brags about Appstore size, as smartphone launch (probably) nears
Is the Amazon Appstore size large enough to support its upcoming smartphone launch? The company sure seems to want us to think so.
Pocketnow Weekly 099: Amazon smartphone, iOS 8, & GSM Nation’s CEO on the future of unlocked phones
On this week’s show, we talk Apple’s latest OS, the fabled Amazon smartphone, and the future of unlocked phone sales with GSM Nation’s Ahmed Khattak!
Amazon schedules launch event for what’s probably its smartphone
It looks like it’s nearly time for the Amazon smartphone launch, with an event scheduled for June 18.
Amazon’s rumored smartphone sounds like a gimmicky mess
More rumors of the Amazon phone are surfacing. The more we hear, the less we like. Read why Amazon’s alleged smartphone sounds like one big gimmick.
Amazon “Prime Data” could be its smartphone’s secret weapon
Hear some theories on what Amazon Prime Data might be, and how it could impact the start of Amazon’s own smartphone sales.
Amazon smartphone UI may rely heavily on tilt control
Will Amazon smartphone tilt control make up a large part of the phone’s user experience? Get the latest rumors about what to expect from the upcoming model.
Amazon’s first smartphone finally caught on camera?
Check out the brand-new first look at some Amazon smartphone pics.
Amazon smartphone hardware details, launch window outlined by analyst
Find out what we might be likely to expect from Amazon’s first phone, as new Amazon smartphone details arrive.
Amazon smartphone still happening? “Project Aria” could arrive this year
An Amazon smartphone could still be in the works, and rumors of this Amazon Project Aria suggest that the company is still working out manufacturing details
Pocketnow Weekly 067: iPad Air, Lumia 1520, and corporate trollery galore
Nokia’s phablet-tablet reveal & Apple’s new iPad Air / iPad mini are two very different sides of the same coin – and today’s Pocketnow Weekly covers it all.
An HTC Amazon smartphone is a step backwards
Read why the idea of an HTC-made Amazon phone feels like HTC just giving up on the smartphone market.
Amazon “3D smartphone” leak confirms our suspicions about how it works
Hear what tipsters are saying we should actually expect from the rumored Amazon 3D smartphone.