Yes, it’s official, Google has just closed the deal to acquire Fitbit

It is official, Google has already reached an agreement with Fitbit to acquire the company with 12 years of wearable experience

Pocketnow Daily: The iPhone 11 Line-Up Just Got BETTER! (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the features coming to the iPhone 11 lineup, Google’s interest in acquiring Fitbit and more

Pocketnow Daily: Apple AirPods Pro: What We Needed? (video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new AirPods Pro with Noise Cancelation, the displays in 2020 iPhones and more

Google could end up buying Fitbit to boost WearOS

Google may be in conversations to buy Fitbit and absorb 12 years of experience in health tracking devices to improve WearOS
Pixel 3

Google also faced with slower-than-expected Pixel smartphone sales

In its quarterly earnings report, Alphabet Inc.’s Google admits to slow Pixel smartphone sales, and hints at new hardware at I/O 2019.

Google admits to past privacy mistakes, claims report

According to a recent Reuters report that claims to have seen a document, Google will likely admit to making past privacy “mistakes”.
Trump accuses Google

Trump accuses Google of bias, White House ‘will take a look’

In a recent set of Tweets, President Trump accused Google of rigging search results. The White House will look into the matter.
Hey Siri

Apple to lawmakers: iPhones are not listening in on users

In response to a lawmaker inquiry, Apple made it clear that iPhones are not listening in on users while waiting for the Hey Siri wake-up command.

Facebook reports bad quarter, and loses $120B in the process

Facebook will surely recover from this bad business day and hopefully it will regain the trust lost after the Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal
European Commission Google

Google faces record fine (again) for gaming Android’s dominance in Europe [UPDATE]

Google has been fined more than €4 billion for tying up Android with its search and web services. We’ve updated this story with a statement from Google.

Alphabet X’s Project Loon headed next for Kenya

Google’s parent company has been experimenting with ways to distribute internet access from balloons miles up in the air.

Project Loon in Puerto Rico serving 100,000 customers

Internet from balloons is getting around to AT&T and T-Mobile customers on Puerto Rico as the recovery from two powerful hurricane continues.

Pichai: initial Pixel 2 sales double from original Pixel’s rate

There’s one piece of good news for the Pixel 2 as sales from day one are way up from the Pixel. But it’s just day one. What now?

T-Mobile joins Project Loon effort over Puerto Rico

AT&T has already been distributing its service through balloons high above the island through Project Loon’s special signal.

Project Loon flies over Puerto Rico, iPhones to take special advantage of Band 8 LTE

Alphabet is providing the “towers,” AT&T is providing the service and Apple is providing the capable for iPhones to connect better on the storm-torn island.

Alphabet X lab retains Project Loon, despite incorporation

The chief of Loon, Inc. makes it clear that it’s not here as a charity effort forever, but it has yet to leave Alphabet’s moonshot “X” lab.

Project Loon service approved to serve recovering Puerto Rico

The balloon-based cellular transmission project from Google parent Alphabet will deliver 900MHz service in partnership with local carriers.

What does Google’s partnership with HTC mean for you?

HTC is struggling to reach 1% market share, and Google is selling directly to consumers. What does Google’s partnership with HTC mean for you?

Google steps up health monitoring efforts with latest startup acquisition

Health monitoring is clearly a bigger and bigger research focus for both Apple and Google, with the latter now the proud owner of an impressive startup.

Essential Android: Alphabet exec confirms Andy Rubin sticks with his homebrew

Specifically, Rubin’s homebrew. Since he was one of the creators of Android, it wasn’t exactly a surprise that his smartphone would sport it, but…

Lyft sought a buyer with $9 billion and Uber claims it’s only worth $2 billion

The US’s number two ride-hailing app has been looking for a big backer to help it compete against Uber. Uber had its own thoughts, too.

Oracle and Google head into Android Java retrial

The companies failed to reach a settlement after their first trial ended in a hung jury. Oracle wants Google to pay up for using Java in its Android OS.

Nest CEO wants to address work culture with Alphabet over lunch

But Tony Fadell also took the time to address Google and Alphabet staff of some concerning HR stories that painted a bad work culture at Nest.
Google Smart home powered by Nest

Nest may be disappointing Alphabet when it comes to cash

We’re learning that the Google-bought maker of connected appliances might be financially letting down Alphabet.

Apple declared most valuable brand by another research firm, Samsung ranks third

Apple easily retains the title of world’s most valuable brand, according to a new market report, with Google a distant second, and Samsung coming in third.