A history of failing: from Allo to RED | #PNWeekly 349

With the demise of some big mobile tech projects in recent weeks, we’re focusing on show on how they came to fall… to fail.
Google Allo

Google Allo shutting down today. Save your chat history

Google Allo is shutting down today. If you were among the ones using Allo for your communication needs, here’s how to save your chat history.

Google kills Allo sooner than it will kill(?) Hangouts

Shortly after rumors piled on about recent internal shakeups with Google’s messaging clients, Google came to confirm the news: Allo is dead.

Google leaves Allo for dead, shifting its focus on Android Messages and universal ‘Chat’ technology

Technically, Allo is not dead… just yet. But you may want to switch to Android Messages already, and get ready to forget all about archaic SMS technology.

Pixel 2 XL recording voice messages at very quiet levels for WhatsApp, Telegram

The Pixel 2 XL’s quiet recording bug is also “heard” on other messaging apps as well, such as Facebook Messenger, Allo and Telegram.

Finally, Google Allo for web debuts, but iOS users must wait

Android phone will only have access to the web client for the Google Allo messaging app, but iOS should get an update to enable access soon.
Google Allo

Google Duo reliability up, Google Allo desktop client in weeks

At least you can’t say Google doesn’t take care of Allo and Duo, but its users and observers are moping about being stuck in the mud.

Google is finally bringing Smart Reply suggestions to Gmail for Android and iOS

First, it was exclusive to Inbox. Then, it expanded to Allo chats. And now, after waiting a little too long, regular Gmail users can enjoy Smart Reply.

Google Assistant for iOS to come soon, source says

Details are extremely sketchy, but a likely situation where we will learn more is going to be at Google I/O 2017 this week.

Google Assistant languages expand to French and Spanish

Formative and derivative dialects are included as well. In Google Allo, it’s as easy as asking Google to talk in that language.

Moto G5 Plus up for pre-orders, sales begin March 31

The phone starts at $229.99. If you decided to dawdle around on Motorola’s site for a bit, you’ll get a little discount worth your while.

As promised, Google Duo gets voice calls while Allo gets file sharing

As Google starts distributing a bevy of improvements to its services in Brazil, Duo and Allo users worldwide are looking forward to some good news.

Google lead on Allo and Duo discusses why SMS won’t get integrated

And by roadmap, there IS no public roadmap. Just reassurances that features will be coming along and that visions are in place for Hangouts.
Google Allo

Google brings tighter Android Auto integration to underachieving Allo app

Well, Allo there, Android Auto, and nice to finally be able to communicate properly behind the wheel without taking one’s eyes off the road.

Allo brings your emojis to life, also making it easier to find GIFs and get Google Assistant help

Far from the world’s most popular instant messaging mobile app, Google Allo today improves GIF, emoji and Google Assistant support.

Google Assistant on Allo now deals with and shares personal information

Such as table reservations, flight tickets and shipment tracking. You know, so that you can message your Allo friends and let them prepare.

Google Assistant on Allo can now understand and respond to Hindi queries

Both Google Assistant and Allo are still very much work-in-progress products, but they’re slowly evolving, supporting native Hindi interaction.

If iMessage on Android ever existed, an Allo dev would expect no SMS

One developer for Google’s competing Allo app says no. Why? Platform lock-in and making sure Android users switch to iOS.

Pushbullet supports Allo messaging from PC

A small step for Allo, but will it lead to more steps to reaching out to potential users? Or will we keep dubbing it as the iMessage that never was?

Google Allo 2.0 update really for Android 7.0 phones

The new chat app from Google gets its first point update suited for Android Nougat phones and for iOS devices. Google Assistant is still holding out.

Google details its behind-the-scenes progress to support Google Assistant

Google is improving its assistant voice with WaveNet technology that can modulate waveforms and not just phrasing, making Assistant sound more human.
Google Allo

A weekend with Allo: When tech geeks unite!

Allo, Google’s new messaging platform has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to help make a get-together over the weekend possible. Here’s our story.

Google Assistant ‘preview’ in Hindi is officially coming soon to Indian Allo users

Only available in English as a “preview” right now, Google Assistant will before long pick up Hindi support in Allo.

Will you try to persuade your friends and family to use Allo and Duo?

Allo and Duo are Google’s new messaging platforms. Adoption might be a challenge, so the question is, will you help Google spread the word?

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