Glass class of 2017: all-glass LG G6 rumored, headphone jack stays in

The battery will be embedded, a step away from prior LG G-series phones. But given how much we’ve heard leaked about this thing, there may be a big upside.

KGI: all glass bodies, all OLED screens, all iPhone 8 models

Three iPhone 8 models are projected for 2017. It was only one model that was supposed to get all these features. But all three may end up having them.

Will it be the OnePlus 4 or the OnePlus 5?

What will OnePlus choose as its next name for the next “Flagship Killer” smartphone in 2017? And what will it be equipped with?

Three iPhone 8 models expected for next year

Slotting in between the 4.7-inch model and the 5.5-inch Plus model is a 5-incher waiting to happen. Supposedly speaking, that is.

Another Apple patent, another step to a Home Button-less iPhone 8

Could a screen-wide fingerprint sensor work? Well, Apple would have a few layers for that fingerprint to travel through. This patent, though, may help.

A not-so-much all-glass iPhone 8, as sold by KGI

Apple would like to think that it could get an all-glass iPhone 8 out there, but it seems that KGI Securities thinks it’ll need some stainless steel.