Google will go straight to Foxconn for Pixel 3, then to Verizon again

LG and HTC are said to not be involved in the design process for this new generation of pure Google phones, but they will have provided key resources for the Pixel 3 by the time it will go public.

Pixel 3 XL display frame looks like it’ll make way for a notch

But the holes, all the holes on this frame are making way for one component or another: from speakers to cameras to something else…

The Pixel 3 gets a call-out in the AOSP

It’s not the most exciting feature, though it will end up adding convenience to the next Pixel phones. But at least we know that a “Pixel 3” is in the pipeline.

Pixel 3 codenames: we’re gonna need a bigger boat

There are four in contentions and, whaddyaknow, three of them come down alphabetically as ‘a,’ ‘b,’ and ‘c!’ Also, what’s this “wahoo” going on?