Android 11

Pocketnow Daily: Google Pixel 5 and 4a Features LEAKED on Android 11?!(video)

On today’s Pocketnow Daily, we talk about the new feature that may arrive with Android 11, the possibility of new AirPods Pro Lite and more

Amazon has some interesting deals on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and more

Today’s Amazon deals are hot! You can find several great smartphones on sale, including the Samsung Galaxy S10+, Google Pixel 4 and more

Samsung deals include: $550 off Galaxy S10 & Note 10 with AKG headphones and Galaxy Buds $30 off

Amazon’s Cyber Monday is still giving us some interesting deals, now for the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Buds

Galaxy S10 retail spec sheet leak: facts and figures

We’ve built a ton of numbers into our Galaxy S10 rumors and leaks databank, but this spec sheet’s getting real close to the source and launch date…

Samsung Notebook 9 Pen is back for another year with a better stylus

It’s a stylus-equipped laptop, back for another year, with some minor modifications that sum up to a major change for the Notebook 9 series.

Samsung’s Black Friday deals begin November 16

Samsung, being the massive tech presence it is, has a raging tide of discounts for its fridges, tablets, phones, laptops, everything.

Samsung’s new AKG N700NC wireless headphones are now available

These are the new AKG N700NC wireless headphones from Samsung that are already available in many online stores in the United States

AKG brings active noise cancelling headphones with 20 hours of performance

Samsung’s freshly-gotten audio division has actually put out three Bluetooth headphones, each with their own specialty form factor.

Samsung Galaxy users get early access to Fortnite on Android

This is the official list of all Samsung Galaxy smartphones that are going to get early access to Fortnite on its arrival to the Android platform

Could the Galaxy Tab S4 look like the Android tablet you need?

When it comes to looks, it may be a familiar look coming to Samsung’s flagship Android tablet this year, though with a curvier S Pen.

Samsung sells Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ with bundled AKG on-ear headphones

Galaxy Note 8, S8 and S8+ retail boxes already include decent in-ear headphones tuned by AKG, but for a limited time, you can also get genuine AKG on-ear headphones at no extra cost.

The 5 most-watched Pocketnow videos of 2017!

Pocketnow has covered a lot of ground in smartphones this year and a lot of that coverage came onto our video side. Which ones were the most popular? Time to take a look back.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Real Audio Review: bigger phone, bigger sound? (Video)

Samsung may have the “most improved” trophy from us when it comes to audio, but we still have things we would like from the Galaxy Note 8.

Galaxy Note 8 news overload: AKG earphones, refreshed Gear VR, Sam’s Club deals and more

In case you missed these little details, the Galaxy Note 8 comes bundled with AKG-tuned earphones, and there’s a new Gear VR version in town.

Samsung U Flex headphones work best with Galaxy S8, at least until Note 8 arrives

The bendable, lightweight and cable-free Samsung U Flex headphones are probably not made or “tuned” by Harman, but they still sound very nice on paper.

Our Galaxy S8 gripes, glory and glare | #PNWeekly 249

Holding the Galaxy S8 presents one of the most quizzical axioms that we’ve had to confront at Pocketnow. We dig into some controversy with our podcast.

Are the Galaxy S8 earbuds in the box NOT from AKG? (Video)

The findings of our deep-diving, hard-hitting investigation? Well, the buds are from Samsung, but they have AKG tuning. It matters, though.

Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review: Best phone accessory of 2017? (video)

You know those Harman-made AKG earbuds shipping alongside Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ at no extra cost? Here’s what they’re all about.

Best Buy and Sprint join Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-order party: all the numbers and dates

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pre-orders are officially underway nationwide, and here are all the pricing and availability details from Best Buy and Sprint.