T-Mobile giving everyone free Gogo Wi-Fi for Labor Day air travel

If you’re flying around on September 3 and have Gogo Wi-Fi available to you, it’s going to be free, courtesy of T-Mobile.

Samsung Spain gives away hundreds of Galaxy Note 8 units on Iberia flight

A Southwest flight from Louisville to Baltimore last year was not normal. Today’s 7:30am flight from Madrid to A Coruña was not normal, but fun.

Carry-on tablet ban could extend to all US international flights

The current ban only affects flights from 10 airports in the Middle East coming into the US, but ISIS attacks have worried Homeland Security.

FCC’s Pai: no cellphone calls on planes

The chairman of the commission is not going through with a proposal to allow voice calls above 30,000 feet. He needs some support, though.

Remember those iPhone 7 shells? An iPad bomb might’ve come into a terrorism plot

Cabin bans on tablets and laptops from several Middle Eastern countries may have been triggered by intelligence of, in part, an iPad bomb plot.

All JetBlue planes have Wi-Fi and it’s free

Fly-Fi is now available on all 227 of the company’s aircraft. And it’s free to access, thanks to sponsorship from Amazon.

Should we allow phone calls on airplanes?

The US is considering allowing phone calls on airplanes, which opens a lot of possibilities, but potentially could be a bit of an annoyance. Let’s debate!

US considering allowing in-flight voice calls

It received harsh reception from the public when it even hinted at a rule to allow for calls above 35,000 feet back in 2014.

Off-beat: Southwest Airlines employee dresses as Galaxy Note 7 for Halloween

Talk about a literal hot mess. Except this one’s totally satirical and takes aim at the global smartphone brand behind the Note 7.

Samsung staffing airport kiosks for Galaxy Note 7 returns

If you cannot get your Galaxy Note 7 changed up in time before your next big flight, you can hope that your closest airport terminal has a Samsung booth.

Department of Transportation: no Galaxy Note 7 on planes

The Department of Transportation has banned the recalled device over a cascade of explosions that have occurred with its battery.