Spotify expanding in Middle East, Africa, maybe even India

With more than 1 billion potential customers in the subcontinent, Spotify will have an uphill challenge when it starts from zero.

Google Stations expanding to Nigeria with 200 free Wi-Fi hotspots

Google Stations have been popping up in Mexico, across southeast Asia and now in Nigeria with dozens of hotspots in five cities by 2020.

Alphabet X’s Project Loon headed next for Kenya

Google’s parent company has been experimenting with ways to distribute internet access from balloons miles up in the air.

Blass: Sony Mobile out of Middle East, Turkey, Africa by October

Sony may be leaving some of its weakest markets behind with this leaked move. Evan Blass reports that adjustments will take place in October.

Apple localizes currencies in Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, six other countries’ App Stores

iOS’s reach hasn’t been terribly far in many of these countries, but by converting prices away from the standard US Dollar, Apple hopes for a local edge.

Samsung Z2 test unit appears at African Galaxy Note 7 event

It’s a pre-production unit, but we’ll likely see this chunky budget phone out later on this month in several developing markets.

Huawei Nexus redux spoiled in South Africa

The manager of the South African unit of Huawei has confirmed that the company will be putting out another Nexus phone this year.

Android One expands to six more countries in Africa

Learn more about Google’s expansion of Android One in Africa by launching a device with very decent specs at an affordable price