Brave Rewards
How Brave Browser lets you support your favorite sites with Brave Rewards
What we like about Brave is that is serves up ads with privacy in mind. What’s really cool about the Brave Browser is their new Brave Rewards system.
Sprint takes AT&T 5G E lawsuit to the public in New York Times ad
The visibility of Sprint’s lawsuit against AT&T’s LTE-turning-into-5G marketing ploy has just shot up with a full-page ad and, we know, media coverage.
Google Play supporting app developers who reward users who watch ads
The company behind Android is making it easier to implement incentives for users to watch video ads in their apps. And there’s more to come.
Want to continue using Spotify for free? Stop using ad-blockers!
Spotify is frowning upon ad-blockers and those who want to continue using the free, ad-supported version, will have to stop using them.
Unwanted Ads
How cheap should a phone be so you can accept unwanted Ads on it?
Unwanted ads are taking over and popping up everywhere, including the Settings, on some Xiaomi phones. Would you accept this?
Facebook’s order to WhatsApp: Make Money!!
Now Facebook and WhatsApp will be more connected as they allow companies and users to communicate freely within a certain time limit
Samsung’s “Ingenius” ads for Galaxy S9 picks on Apple arrogance
The ads prey upon the perception of the Apple fan: aloof to competition, making up excuses to support their team and exuding superiority. It’s tired.
This OnePlus 6 ad needs your ideas
Advertising in this age is catered to tech enthusiasts excited about the OnePlus 6. And yes, you can have your say in this, too.
Korean government may go after Apple for dumping ad costs to carriers
Apple is accused of making carriers pay for its standardized marketing materials, leaving the networks to buy airtime and fit local stores with displays.
Samsung drop tests its own Galaxy Note 8, just not on camera
Sure, the company will pay for an advertisement to be made and it’s all clever and such, but it doesn’t show a single impact on a surface.
In war of words, T-Mobile vs Verizon spat has misleading statements on all ways
Verizon spun up ads with Jamie Foxx against Sprint and T-Mobile on their unlimited data plans. The Un-carrier has its own spin doctor and he’s the CEO.
App subscriptions just part of series of changes Phil Schiller to make to App Store
Apple is adding new ways for its app developers to make more money than they are right now. Will it be enough? And how will customers react?
Adblocker guilt? Not when news sites pack up to half their pages with ads
Researchers found that ads made up 18 to 79 percent of any given page’s data load.
“Why?” asks voice-over for Samsung Galaxy A commercial
A rousing launch in China has us curious as to whether the…
Android Malware virus
Should you be worried about trojanized Android adware?
We’re always protecting our devices and the content inside them from the…
Ads vs paid apps: Which do you prefer? (poll)
Regardless of cost, apps aren’t free. They take time & effort to create & maintain but users don’t like to fork over cash for paid apps. Are ads any better?