One week in, iOS 11 is already installed on over 26 percent of iDevices
26.56 percent of iPhone and iPad users have taken the “giant step” or “monumental leap” to iOS 11 one week after release, which is good but not great.
Nougat nears 10 percent adoption, Marshmallow finally beats Lollipop in June Android distribution figures
The latest Android distribution numbers are in, and of course, Nougat still trails behind new pack leader Marshmallow and silver medalist Lollipop.
Apple Music has 20 million paying subscribers worldwide, Apple Pay supported by 35 percent of US retailers
Both Apple Music and Apple Pay have been growing at a remarkable pace of late, but is it enough to keep Spotify and Samsung Pay at bay?
iOS 10 adoption proceeds at sluggish pace, Tim Cook stresses Android’s doing worse
“Only” 60 percent of the world’s iDevices run iOS 10 as of October 25, which Apple’s CEO didn’t forget to compare to Android Nougat adoption.
Apple discloses actual iOS 10 adoption rate, and it’s not as impressive as we thought
Third-party market research firms were apparently way too optimistic about early iOS 10 adoption, confirmed at “only” 54 percent by Apple.