2019 iPhones stuck with Lightning, slow 5-watt charging block say industry sources

While the rest of the mobile industry has been promoting speedier charging with fast adapters right in the box, Apple may still be stuck in the slow lane.
SIM-free iPhone XS

Deals you need if you want to fast charge your iPhone Xs

Amazon has some great one-day deals for all of you who want to get fast charging in your new iPhone Xs, Xs Max or any other mobile device

Apple ditches dongles for older iPhones too

Apple has not only omitted to bundle the audio dongle with the new iPhone models, but it is also removing it from previous models as well.

Google ’s new dongle gives us longer playback and lower latency for an extra $3

Here are the new features for the new USB-C to headphone jack adapter that Google has upgraded before the launch of the Pixel 3 devices

Galaxy Note 9 will need a new Gear VR headset

Galaxy Note 9 owners who want to use their Gear VR with it will need to get an adapter to fit the phone into the headset.

iPhone 9 fast charging power adapter revealed in pictures

It’s as fast as the rumors have envisioned and their shape looks just as rounded, too. And for many iPhone owners, charging isn’t the best as it can be.

Surface USB-C adapter, targeted for enterprise, sells Friday for $80

This is no dongle. It’s a pretty large adapter that doesn’t speak too much of portability and, disappointingly, has minimum power requirements.

Renders pop-up of European USB-C adapter for 2018 iPhones

Previously, designs have popped up for American plugs with USB-C connectors. All together, this will make charging speeds of up to more than three times faster than the current adapter possible.

Chinese rumors bring USB-C adapters to 2018 iPhones

That might not sound like anything to you at the moment, but it actually means that fast-charging abilities won’t be a privilege of the few.
Pixel users

Google Store giving $200 rebate for Pixel 2 XL buyers on financing

This makes a Pixel 2 XL the price of a Pixel 2 if you opt to pay for it over 24 months. And to top it off, there’s a free extra charger in it.

TPCAST debuts wireless adapter for Oculus Rift in North America

The Rift and a good PC are as affordable as they have ever been, but if a wireless experience is what you want, TPCAST hopes you’ll spend a bit more.

Google make it right on USB-C to 3.5mm adapter and Google Photos backups on Pixel

The dongle now costs way less and is more convenient to replace if needed. Google Photos backups on the original Pixel phones aren’t going anywhere.

Belkin finally has iPhone adapter for charging, headphone jack

It’s the talking point that’s been parroted over and over since the launch of the iPhone 7: why can’t I listen to my music while charging my iPhone?

iPhone X fast charging requires 29W USB-C adapter and cable

Rumors have said that the new iPhones charge at a rate of 10 watts. So, why go overkill with MacBook chargers and a new cable?

NVIDIA Shield adapter recall affects units with European plug heads

If you use a “duck plug” head on your AC adapter for that NVIDIA Shield, Shield TV or got it from a charger kit, get a free replacement unit, stat.

Panos Panay on why Microsoft and USB-C don’t match right now

“If you love Type-C, it means you love dongles […] We’re giving a dongle to people who love dongles,” said the Surface hardware VP.

Huawei MateBook E announced with a vastly improved Folio Keyboard

The MateBook E takes on from the original MateBook and improves every last detail of the Folio Keyboard that needed improving.

HTC U11 will continue new I/O, screen traditions says LlabTooFeR

A well-known HTC leaker is turning up some information on what the headphone jack situation is like. Are we surprised anymore?

When will Apple stop boxing in Lightning-headphone adapter with iPhones?

The dongle was included with every iPhone 7 purchase, but Apple is looking for the “courage” to move on and focus on Lightning or USB-C.

Barnes & Noble issues voluntary recall of dangerous Nook Tablet 7 chargers

While there’s no reason to fear or try to return your ultra-low-cost new Nook Tablet 7, Barnes & Noble admits its power adapter can be dangerous.

Barnes & Noble halts Nook Tablet 7 sales, considering recall due to charger issues

If the $50 Nook Tablet 7 felt a little too good to be… so cheap, it’s probably because it’s pre-loaded with spyware, as well as plagued by adapter flaws.

Apple USB-C dongles on sale through end of the year

The company has been made aware of the need for adapters from its MacBook Pro customers and is addressing it with a sale.

Of course the new MacBook Pro requires a special adapter or cable to pair with iPhone 7

Instead of simplifying the ports and connectivity options on the new MacBook Pro and iPhone 7, Apple has made a big mess of them.

iPhone 7 Lightning adapter for headphones seemingly found in Vietnam

A Vietnamese site claims it grabbed an adapter from a local Foxconn factory. And it certainly look’s like Apple’s part. Ready to face the Lightning?