Broadcom complies with Trump order, abandoning all plans to acquire Qualcomm

There will be no more attempts by Broadcom to take Qualcomm over, as ordered by US President Donald Trump on national security grounds.

Qualcomm rejects yet another Broadcom offer, leaving little room for negotiation

There is absolutely no way Qualcomm will agree to a sale at a reduced price after inching closer to its own NXP acquisition, deemed an obvious value enhancer.

Broadcom is still looking to acquire Qualcomm, but at a slightly lower price

Broadcom’s recent “best and final offer” for a record-breaking Qualcomm takeover was not final after all, but it may well have been the best the potential seller will ever see.

Qualcomm inches closer to NXP acquisition with revised $44 billion offer

Qualcomm may well kill two birds with one stone by offering NXP more cash for a long-in-the-making acquisition, also keeping potential buyer Broadcom at bay.

Qualcomm asks Broadcom for more money, fewer risks to continue considering acquisition

Something about Qualcomm and Broadcom’s most recent meeting made the prospective seller think there was still room for negotiation, despite the buyer’s apparent unwillingness to further sweeten the deal.