Dot Watch brings Braille to the wrist for $359

You’ll probably use it to check the time in Braille for the most part, but perhaps you may be able to teach yourself Braille.

Be My Eyes, Empires & Puzzles and Flipkart top eclectic list of 2018 Google Play Award winners

Far from a popularity contest, the 2018 Google Play Awards were handed out to a mix of mainstream hits and obscure underdogs including BBC Earth: Life in VR and Episode by Pocket Gems.

Six cities have wheelchair-accessible transit directions on Google Maps

Boston, London, Mexico City, New York, Sydney and Tokyo are the first regions to support wheelchair-enabled transit directions.

Nokia 8, Galaxy Note 8, accessibility rate | #PNWeekly 266

The Nokia 8 has just been launched, the Galaxy Note 8 needs launching and we’ll launch into accessibility issues in our show this week!

LG X charge gets picked apart at FCC for accessibility

Another entry into the X series seems to be keen on some attribute to charging. Will this mid-range phone end up in the US soon?

iOS 10.2 public beta includes new emoji and tweaks to UI

Several dozen new emoji have actually come along in this update as well as some more camera tweaking and a celebration for iMessage.

Apple opens up October event with focus on accessibility, iPhone 7 photos, Apple TV

Accessibility, iPhone 7, iOS 10. All big subjects to Apple. Apple TV also gets a big update with the TV app and a Live app.

If you need assistive technologies, Windows 10 will still be free

If you need to use the Narrator program or the Magnifier on your older version of Windows, you can still upgrade to Windows 10 beyond July 29.

Android goes hands-free as Google opens Voice Access testing

Discover how Google Voice Access is letting users interact with a touch screen using only the power of their voice.

Pocketnow Weekly 070: smartphones through the eyes of the blind

Smartphone accessibility doesn’t generally get a lot of press. We look to change that with today’s Weekly, featuring’s Aaron Linson!