HTC U11 performance is best in May for AnTuTu, topping iPhone 7 Plus

When have you heard of an Android phone topping an iPhone for a benchmark? Rarely, if ever at all. And HTC somehow managed to do it.

ARKit will let iPhones play with objects that interact in real/virtual life

It’s the developers’ toolkit to implement their projects on Unity, Unreal and other standard engines and push them into iOS and the App Store.

Apple may utilize next-gen PowerVR GPU in iPhone 8

The Series8XT chips are said to be coming early next year and it is rumored that Apple’s next iPhone will hop right on that graphics gravy train.

Apple A10 Fusion cores way bigger than competition

Part of the reason why Apple kills the competition on chip performance this year is because of how large its CPU cores are in the iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 battery information revealed by TENAA listings

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have been confirmed by Chinese regulatory findings to possess the largest, more capacitive batteries in iPhone history.

Apple A10 Fusion chip takes iPhone 7 to four cores

The Apple A10 Fusion chip is something new you’ll find on the…