Live Transcribe for Google Translate is now rolling out to users globally
Google Translate’s Live Transcription feature is currently exclusive to Android, but Google plans to bring it to the iOS ecosystem as well.
Google Translate
Google Translate incorporates support for five additional languages
The total languages supported by Google Translate goes from 103 to 108 as they keep improving to give us a better service
Google Translate Instant Camera gets better with the latest upgrade
The Google Translate Instant Camera feature has received some rather important functionality updates that make it smarter, faster, more accurate.
Google Translate
Local accents now recognized on Google Translate for iOS
To match its user base, Google Translate can now take in requests and output speech in several accents derived from four languages.
Japanese Vaprilware: Google Translate bubble wrap input
The Google Japanese Input Puchi Puchi Version isn’t going to get mass produced, but you could get your hands into an Arduino board…