Facebook Home vs. Google Now
R.I.P. Facebook Home (2013 – 2014)? Maybe not…
It’s been stagnant for so long; can we finally call Facebook Home dead? A new report sheds light on how Facebook seems to have given up on the project.
Facebook Home updates its look; ready to give it a second chance?
Will the changes in today’s new Facebook Home update be enough to get users interested again?
Facebook Home vs. Google Now
Why Facebook Home failed and Google Now will succeed
Facebook tried to bring your relevant information to the front with Facebook Home — and failed. Here’s why Google Now will succeed.
Survey confirms low Facebook Home interest, as AT&T discusses HTC First sales
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Facebook Android update brings favorite app tray to Home
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Facebook pulls plug on HTC First UK launch
It hardly took any time at all following the HTC First’s launch…
HTC First is Dead
The Facebook-Centric HTC First is Dead, What Does it Mean for HTC?
The HTC First was the first smartphone with an immersive Facebook experience. After only a few months, the HTC First is dead. What does this mean for HTC?
HTC First: R.I.P. or Wait-and-See?
Is the HTC First discontinued? Low sales may have driven AT&T to drop the phone from future plans.
HTC First Gets a Big Price Cut
Find out about the new HTC First discount price available at AT&T.
Paranoid Android Halo ROMs: Alpha Downloads Available With Chat-Heads-Like Feature
Learn what to download in order to start experimenting with the new Facebook Chat Heads-like feature in the latest Paranoid Android Halo ROMs.
Paranoid Android Halo: Get a New Look at the Chat-Heads-Like Feature
Take a look at the new video that’s arrived to show-off the upcoming Paranoid Android Halo feature and its very Facebook Chat Heads look.
Paranoid Android Multi-Window/Overlay Could Be the Universal Chat Heads We’ve Dreamed of
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Has Anyone Actually Bought an HTC First?
The HTC First surprised us by, despite being a mid-range phone, being one of the better smartphones we’ve reviewed. But has anyone actually taken the plunge and bought one as their personal daily driver?
Has the Facebook Home Bubble Already Burst?
Learn just how far Facebook Home’s popularity has fallen, and what that could mean for the future of the project.
Is the HTC First Worth It for Non-Facebook Fans?
Is the HTC First worth checking out, even if you aren’t a fan of Facebook? After spending some time with the First, we’ve made some discoveries about some of its greatest hidden features.
HTC First Review
The HTC First, the first smartphone to come with Facebook Home pre-installed, gets our full review treatment. Check it out!
The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 040
What do Twitter music, Motorola’s X Phone, Facebook Home, and taking your phone into a North Carolina bar bathroom have in common? Put your ears on this week’s Pocketnow Weekly podcast to find out!
Other Services We’d Like To See Adopt a Home-Like Launcher
Facebook home brings a rich user experience to Android – if you’re on Facebook. But what if other services launched similar software for their products? Who could make it work?
Facebook Home Now Available Internationally As US Exclusivity Ends
The US exclusivity seems to have ended and you can tick off a limitation — while you’ll still have to rock a compatible device — and enjoy, or try, Facebook home the official way.
Windowed Apps Are the Future of Smartphones
Read what we think about the idea of freeing smartphone apps from their full-screen prisons, and giving them some windows in which to move around.
Facebook Chat Heads Migrate Over to iOS (With a Catch)
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Windows Phone VP Warns of Google’s Android Plans
Check out the harsh words one Microsoft exec had for Google and its Android aspirations.
How to Unfacebook Your HTC First and Turn it Into a Nexus (Video)
The HTC First may come with Facebook Home pre-installed, but it also comes with stock Android 4.1.2 underneath. Check out this video to see how to disable Facebook Home on your HTC First.
A Weekend With Facebook Home
After spending a weekend with Facebook’s new approach to Android, I found it to be beautiful, immersive, and only about half done. Lock screen = good. Launcher, not so much.