Windows 10 Mobile on HTC 8X isn’t happening right now

The 39-month-old Windows Phone 8 device will not get its Windows 10 Mobile stripes, HTC UK said. What about the HTC One M8 for Windows? What about the US?

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 reportedly allows phones to recharge while turned off

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 reportedly allows phones to recharge while turned off, at least this behavior has been observed on the HTC 8X with the update installed

Vibrant colors are the new black: what color phone do you want?

Smartphones now come in a broad selection of colors. Which smartphone color is for you? Take part in our poll and let us know!

Pocketnow Weekly 043: The Post-Galaxy S 4 Tech Podcast You’ve Been Waiting For

With the S 4 launch behind us, we turn our tech podcast vocals to other pressing matters: BlackBerry’s past, Android’s present, & Windows Phone’s future.

HTC “Tiara” Windows Phone 8 Model Tipped for Release This Spring

Check out the rumored specs for what could be HTC’s newest Windows Phone 8 model.

Verizon Announces Start To Windows Phone 8 Pre-Orders

Learn about how you can get your order in for the Lumia 822 or HTC 8X on Verizon.

Walmart Leak Shows Pricing For Upcoming T-Mobile Models: 8X, Note II, 810

Find out what some of the most-expected phones for T-Mobile could end up costing.

New HTC Windows Phone 8X Storage Option Rumored

Hear the rumors about the possibility for an 8GB HTC 8X on AT&T.

T-Mobile Roadmap Leak Brings Details On HTC WP 8X, LG Optimus L9

Find out when HTC and LG’s smartphones are expected to go up for sale at T-Mobile.

HTC 8X Gives Unofficial Windows Phone 8 Video Tour, Shows New Keyboard Colors

Take an early look at Windows Phone 8, including some previously-undisclosed changes.

HTC 8X Spotted On The Streets, Promo Video Released

See HTC’s new video spot for the Windows Phone 8X, and learn about its last-minute carrier testing.

Nokia To Sue HTC Over Windows Phone 8 Designs?

Read about rumors that Nokia might take legal measures to stop HTC from copying its designs.

HTC Windows Phone 8X For Verizon Spotted In Official HTC Video

See the HTC 8X as it may be arriving at Verizon this November.

The Pocketnow Weekly Podcast, Episode 010

The Apple iPhone 5, HTC Windows Phone 8X, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – that’s just a smattering of the topics covered on this week’s dense, action-packed episode of the Pocketnow Weekly podcast. Listen to the week in mobile technology – smartphones, tablets, and everything in between.

Your Pick: Choose The Most Attractive HTC 8X Color Option (Poll)

Tell us which color option looks the best on HTC’s new Windows Phone 8X.

Three Reasons To Buy the HTC Windows Phone 8S (Instead of the 8X)

Mid-range and lower-tier smartphones traditionally don’t get much love. But for the right kind of person, the HTC Windows Phone 8S might offer even more than its higher-end 8X sibling. Read on to find out how.

Nokia Made HTC’s WP8s Obsolete Weeks Ago. Unless…

Nokia’s Windows Phones sound a lot better than HTC’s, but what could change that?

HTC Takes A Page From Nokia’s Book With Windows Phone 8S and 8X; Will It Be Enough?

HTC’s new Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the 8S and 8X, look an awful lot like members of the Nokia Lumia family. But how deep does that resemblance go, and who will win the battle for best WP8 device? Read on to find out.

Nokia’s Back With The Trash Talk, This Time Directed At HTC

Hear what choice words Nokia has for HTC’s latest phones.

HTC Windows Phone 8X Vs The Competition

HTC has made a couple of bold moves today with their launch…

HTC Announces Windows Phone 8X and 8S, Its First Windows Phone 8 Models

See HTC’s first Windows Phone 8 models, the 8X and 8S.

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