512GB Galaxy Note 9 will make it across Europe — for a price

A 512GB version of the Note 9 has been in the cards for months with a couple of sightings at points. A new report opens the door to wider potential.

Netherlands may get up to 8GB RAM in the Galaxy Note 9

The next step up from here is 8GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. But will it happen in places other than Asia and Benelux?

Souped-up Honor 10 GT comes with 8GB RAM, GPU Turbo technology

The China-first Honor 10 GT is not an entirely new device, but compared to the “regular” Honor 10, it packs more memory, also supporting GPU Turbo tech.

OnePlus 5 with 8GB RAM has perks if you buy it through September 30

A free pair of Bullets V2 earbuds and discounted fast shipping sound like pretty good things to have for free with an expensive phone.

One batch of 8GB RAM OnePlus 5 will ship immediately

Midnight Black. 8GB of RAM. 128GB of storage. $539. Pretty simple, right? Well, it hasn’t been shipping as quickly as it should be. It is for a short time.

Nubia Z17 comes to China with up to 8GB RAM, Snapdragon 835 SoC, slim bezels

It’s not exactly bezel-less, but ZTE’s Nubia Z17 appears to offer quite a lot of bang and a pretty exquisite design for a relatively low price.

ZTE employees brag about Nubia Z17 water resistance, maybe 8GB of RAM

A couple of cavalier employees have taken to Weibo to show off a new phone that can be cleaned up under the sink and may have 8GB of RAM.

Fresh ‘Unknown Heart’ benchmark appears to hint at Nokia 9 variant with 8GB RAM

Is this “Unknown Heart” the impending Snapdragon 835-powered Nokia 9 flagship phone? Probably, and it may feature up to a whopping 8GB RAM.

AnTuTu provides first credible insight into OnePlus 5 specs, including Snapdragon 835 SoC

According to pre-release benchmarking data, the upcoming OnePlus 5, aka A5000, packs Snapdragon 835 processing power and 6GB RAM.

Latest ZTE Nubia Z17 benchmark exposes 6GB RAM model, 8GB still possible

There might be as many as three ZTE Nubia Z17 variants in the pipeline, according to various leaks and benchmarks, including one with 6GB RAM.

Believe it or not, there could be an 8GB RAM ZTE Nubia Z17 variant in the pipeline

That presumably fast-approaching ZTE Nubia Z17 may start at 6GB RAM, as crazy as it sounds, packing up to 8 gigs of the good stuff.

It’s review season with the LG G6, Huawei P10, HTC U Ultra | #PNWeekly 243

We extend our commentary on those devices, the HTC U Ultra, the Huawei Watch 2 and the LG Watch Sport for well over an hour on our podcast this week.

Huawei exec not interested in “Cold War arms race” to 8GB RAM phones

The first major phone from Huawei with 6GB of RAM was the Mate 9, introduced only as a response to the market. But is 8GB just too excessive?

The Huawei P10 Plus really isn’t going to have 8GB of RAM

The specifications were put in, likely as placeholder text, on a product page for the Huawei P10 Plus at Spanish retailer Phone House.

Galaxy S8 with 6GB RAM said to be limited in distribution

It is assumed that China and South Korea will be able to get the best and the brightest Galaxy S8, but how “best” can it be in the memory department?

Samsung Galaxy S8 tipped as the world’s first 8GB RAM smartphone, UFS 2.1 also included

Previously rumored with 6GB RAM under the hood, the Samsung Galaxy S8 could still pack as much as 8 gigs of the good stuff, according to a Weibo leaker.

Can this concept HTC 11 make sense as company rebounds?

The OEM is clawing its way back to proper repute, but a bold smartphone release could help. Perhaps this is where the “Ocean” floats the boat.

Latest round of Galaxy S8 (Edge) gossip includes up to 8GB RAM, 80 percent screen-to-body ratio

The Samsung Galaxy S8 (Edge) is purportedly on track for a late February 2017 announcement, with a super-high-res screen and 8GB RAM in tow.

8GB RAM smartphones now made possible by Samsung’s latest memory breakthrough

8GB RAM smartphones are right around the corner after Samsung’s introduction of the world’s first such mobile memory package.

Weibo hits up the Le 2s Pro with a different design in mind

Dual cameras? Not here. 8GB of RAM? Take half and run with it. Snapdragon 821? Give or take 1 or 2 points, sure. We still have a hard time with this thing.

LeEco Le 2S rumored to get 8GB of RAM

Do we really need rumors about this phone? Talking about 8GB of RAM? Like, really? Let the company just reveal and we’ll believe it, okay?

LeEco rumored to kick off next-gen flagships with 8GB RAM

The Chinese manufacturer is so new, yet so loud in the industry with its smartphones. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to do the talking.